we speak and we hear; therefore we are

Do you wake joyful? Are you content? Or are you overwhelmingly sad? Do you feel afraid? What do you do with your anger?

Are you drinking, turning to your doctor or street corner drug dealer for pills to numb the pain? What is your relationship with your body? Do you feel good being in the world, despite immense marketing pressure to meet some machismo or feminine “ideal”-?

beach workout

Beach After Workout on Dry Sand, photodocumentation of my earth-body series, after Ana Mendieta, 2015, Seattle, Washington.

What is your relationship with food? Do you select and prepare foods appealing to all of your senses? Or are you shoving in whatever is fastest, most convenient, or secretly hoarding prepackaged product that you know is bad for you, but…? Do you want to better understand why?

hummus with pita

Hummus with pita triangles.

Have you been abused? Have you been raped? Have you suffered intense losses? Have you experienced the horrors of war?

Nadine is for you.

How are you doing in your interpersonal relationships? Do you feel listened to? Or are you stuck in a rut of taking turns pouting and shouting? Do you coast along in the “honeymoon phase” of forgiving for awhile, until the next conflict, however small, that quickly escalates into threatening the whole of the relationship?

Do you win your battles by staying up late, fighting, until you both collapse from exhaustion, and the conflict remains unresolved by the next morning?

For how many years have you and your partner(s) followed that pattern? Would you like to escape it?

Nadine is for your relationship.

Do you look forward to going to work each day? Do you love what you do? Or do you dread your morning commute?

Do you feel safe suggesting solutions to problems at work? Does your boss support new ideas, or ix-nay innovations before you even have a chance to present them?

In the workplace, are your employees performing as you want them to? Are you accomplishing the goals of your business, department, or organization? Or are you still struggling to build a collaborative working environment?

Are the communications in your workplace actively working against your written “vision” statement? Are you stuck, certain you would fix those problems if only you could increase your budget? Did you run into $12 billion in cost overruns on your last project, and still fail to land that $80 billion federal defense contract?

Nadine is for your working relationships.

What is the aesthetic of your community? Do you feel safe walking through your neighborhood? Do you enjoy going downtown? Or are there entire blocks you drive miles out of your way to avoid?

How many registered sex offenders live in your geographic radius? Does your community have a drug problem, a crime problem, a poverty problem that you have been trying for years – maybe decades – to solve?

Nadine is for your community.

Design research criss-crossing the United States, from Washington:

visual art center design proposal

Response to 2013 RFP proposing Visual Art Center repurposing Seattle Center’s Fun Forest. Proposal includes concept, plan, identity design, multimedia, tee-shirt graphics, and proposal designed to 1920×1920 px online submittal specifications.

To a Maryland town with the largest population of sex offenders outside of Baltimore, and proximate to the nation’s capital, Washington:

Across the Pacific to Hawaii, offering community as art, the process of making healthy community, hearing, and being heard, instead of art as memorial product:


Response to State of Hawaii RFQ seeking public art memorials to Congressional leaders Daniel Inouye and Patsy Mink, 2013.

To the tip of Florida, where the narcissistic aggression in a tourist destination is visible from a Google’s eye view:

miami beach

Two-page spread from response to RFP for Washington Avenue Revitalization Project, the City of Miami Beach, a community divided by extreme wealth and extreme poverty, visible from even a Google’s eye view, 2013.

Exploring the deserts of New Mexico, offering a trauma recovery solution better than medicating and warehousing aging sex offenders or military veterans until they die, only to be replaced with another generation:

nadine vegas

Poster designed in partial response to Art in Public Places Program of New Mexico Call for Art, Prospectus #226 New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute, Long Term Care Facility, 2014.

And Idaho, thick with pill shacks and dreary, temporary banners or visually chaotic signage trashing suburban strip mall neighborhoods, feeding on and fed by the rush of car culture at best, mass shootings when complex cocktails of antipsychotics, antidepressants, and opiates fail:

big pharma aesthetic

Neighborhood aesthetic for global pharmaceutical experiments in trauma recovery.

Back to Seattle, where the pills hide behind mini-blinds and a dreary aesthetic of cigarette butts will accumulate before the end of the day, undeterred by the clutter of vernacular graphic design forbidding smoking, at best:

seattle psychiatric

Seattle Psychiatric Clinic, Belltown, street view, 2015.

Or a Pacific Northwest rainforest nest of medicated kiddie porn within baseball-throwing distance of middle and high schools, with more mass shootings, at worst:

seattle meds

Multinational drug cartel-exacerbated trauma aesthetic, Seattle, Washington, 2016.

There are better ways of acquiring Nadine’s trauma recovery, visual communications, and conflict resolution skills other than through trafficking, Medicaid fraud, extortion, and theft of my 2007–2013 oeuvre:

mfa thesis install

MFA thesis exhibition, Prichard Gallery, Moscow, Idaho, 2008, installation view. All work, collection, State of Idaho, 2014 theft acquisition.

To bring an aesthetically appealing trauma recovery, healthy communications, conflict resolution center and begin building a care economy in your community, Nadine needs:

Street-level live-work space in a walking neighborhood that might already include a local bistro or café:

storefront williamsport

Maybe even a struggling shop or two, but currently without a reason to linger after dinner:

nadine first fridays

Maybe some empty store-fronts or boarded-up windows:

storefront meridian

Perhaps even some artists-in-training looking for a place to learn and eventually work in the neighborhood:

sorry for your wall

Ideally, not yet fully gentrified, a community struggling to encourage visitors. Like the people in your community, the space may need some repair or build-out work. You do not have to be perfect. You just have to be willing to try.

Three-year service/lease commitment including: water, sewer, power, heat, wifi, clients ready to work on their communication problems.

Nadine brings:

Architectural space planning:

nadine plan

Interior remodel plan proposal for live/work space in Williamsport, Maryland, 2013. Before I could complete writing/design of my proposal, slumlord leased to tattoo shop with first $400 cash-in-hand, despite really, really wishing his community could attract spaces like Nadine.

Furniture design and build:


Bespoke furniture design and build, Rolling Hills of the Palouse, 2007, 70x88x136 cm (from floor), collection, State of Idaho, 2014 theft acquisition.

Twenty-first century media skills:

Textile design and build:


Design-As-You-Grow Child’s Two-Button Sweater, 2014, cotton, mixed-fibers, with hang-tag.

A graphic design portfolio too “dangerous” for a corrupt court of law:

2010 lookbook

My 2010 “look book,” or print interpretation of that year’s web build, demonstrating my range of skill from identity to traditional print to digital and multimedia.


lolita3 study

Early Study for Lolita III., 2007, 56×38 cm, charcoal and Prismacolor on Fabriano Artistico. Photo documentation courtesy Patrick J. Finerty, Jr., collection, State of Idaho, 2014 theft acquisition.


simplot pastoral

Simplot Pastoral, 2013, 50×60 cm, oil, lawn clippings, dog hair, insect bodies on canvas, collection, State of Idaho, 2014 theft acquisition.

Identity and branding:

unplay identity

Identity design, Unplay, 2014.

Discrete bills for professional communications design consulting. No more pills. No wrestling with insurance companies. No stigma. No more psychologists’ seedy offices or sterile psychiatric clinics.

Art and well-designed communities, or the aesthetic of drugs and mass shootings, which do you prefer?

A trafficking and rape survivor expert in the psychology of serial killers, mass shooters, and trauma recovery, Nadine’s would-be clients and former students have said:

“But what happens when management says ‘collaboration’, and then you go back to working in your individual cubicles?” – Boeing engineer

“You have given me back my childhood!” – abuse survivor

“This is what I try to get my clients to accomplish, but I have never seen a visual model before.” – MSW social worker with post-graduate training in trauma

“Other classes talk about collaboration; in here, I think I finally learned what it means to collaborate.” – university student

“I think I might be making the worst mistake of my life.” – former husband and prosecutor

“You are a really good listener.” – former felon and abuse survivor

“Do it!” – retired psychologist

“Are you Nadine?” – stranger in an all-night diner


we speak and we hear; therefore we are

unplay mark We Unplay the Shame and Blame Game here.




keywords: aesthetic, care economy, communication, community, design, dialogue, nadine, recovery, respect, revitalization


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  7. Joe Hurtado

    Your Mission statement is so profound…It brings to mind. “” As we think,We do shall become… Our impromptu meeting gave me clarify and and inner glow that hasn’t shined for quite sometime… Your demeanor and nonjudgemental approach was only the beginning of something that can only get better with time. I Hope to be an example of what you desire to accomplish…. Thank you.


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