Welcome to transparency in job-seeking propelled from being locked up for a month of my life without due process of law, while the state where I successfully defended my graduate research in critical theories of identity, trauma, and the taboo in 2008 failed to use 21st century media to fact-check public record to investigate the reality of reported crimes as serious as child abuse, elder abuse, labor trafficking, Medicaid fraud, rape, and homicide, or the differences between my personal and professional biography and my extended Bundy clan accusing me of “delusions” in their attempt to further delay my Athenian efforts to find an employer or clients healthy enough to respect my educated expertise with a living wage by forcing me to perform on-demand household labor for less than a toilet paper budget in 2014, significantly shifting my career goals.

nurturing man

Now global expert in the psychology of serial killers and mass shooters, it took me nearly 20 years to trace the failures in communication at each level of a sexual assault homicide investigation and prosecution, but only two years, while subsisting post-carceral, on nothing more than a SNAP budget, in ongoing criminally violent environments, to provide expert psychoanalytic witness testimony of the systemic communication failures among mental juridical health authorities resulting in a spree shooting, triple homicide, recommending changes that must occur in parenting, education, and law if we hope to design healthier cross-cultural solutions to conflict. To me that means I am growing exponentially. As an artist, I always try to push myself to learn more, so now I am seeking opportunities to prevent the next genocide before it happens.

More highlights from my unemployed accomplishments applicable across the fields of design, technology, psychology, and law:

design analysis of workplace abuses at Silicon Valley-based, global tech startup Uber, mapping the CEO’s communications to Unplay, my healthy communications, conflict resolution model based on the structures of trauma and power.

design analysis of the Law School Admissions Council’s global communications plan resulting in their failure to reach their goal “to assure that no person is denied access to law school because of the absolute inability to pay for the LSAT and other essential applicant services” posted the same day that Harvard Law School announced its decision to extend their admissions beyond LSAT test-takers in hopes of attracting a more diverse pool of candidates.

legal research and design analysis of communications leading to violations of multiple Washington civil and criminal laws by one corporate nonprofit social services provider receiving funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the State of Washington, King County, and the City of Seattle for temporarily housing the homeless, or the research the Gates Foundation needs to perform if it genuinely hopes to accomplish its goal of solving the problem of poverty in its own headquarters city, rather than one of its business consultant bloggers whining at me to provide educated professional design labor free of charge while I was reduced to subsisting out of cheap motels until my plastic ran out, and the only advice he could recommend without my visually educated expertise was to pursue London cash in the same year “the London Whale” lost $6.2 billion for JPMorgan Chase, and four years before Brexit ricocheted to $2 trillion in losses worldwide.

analyze multiple data sets to 11 generations confirming the reality of my relationships to not just the Arizona Strip Bundys – by 2016 the Oregon Militia Bundys – but also the 20th century’s definition of “born” evil, convicted serial killer Ted Bundy.

innovation lightbulb

design analysis of Amazon Web Services in both meat- and virtual space posted over a month before The New York Times’ exposé on workplace abuses at the Seattle-based global tech giant, adding still more data supporting my theory of the correlation between visual illiteracy and abuse: trauma unrecovered in art-making becomes visually communicated in graphic design.

keds satire

• post-carceral retrospective analysis of the design failures of the global ad industry’s portfolio night.

design analysis of the redundant analogue data collection that Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare prioritized ahead of communicating to the police department tasked with investigating a suspect incarcerated and over-medicated in the state mental hospital seven months prior, posted one day before his triple homicide spree shooting.

unplay identity

Identity design, Unplay, 2014.

• designed Unplay, a conflict resolution model based on the structures of trauma and power, thus applicable to all conflict, both personal and public, familial and business, domestic and foreign.

design direction to competitive success working with an all-male team of two military veterans, a homicidal maniac, and a former middle manager for an information technology firm.

predicted the outcome of the 2014 gubernatorial elections in Idaho and Texas by visually analyzing the candidates’ brand identities

art direction via Twitter a shot that shifted the political dialogue from talking heads to standing feet, coincidentally granting brand recognition for Mizuno in the editorial, not just the lowly ad section of the national press, a “visual excitement” replicated by neither the brand’s agency of record nor Wendy Davis’s campaign staff in her unsuccessful bid for governor the following year.


rebranding, identity, and messaging strategy for a successfully elected candidate for a minuscule fraction of the campaign budget of the corporate-backed incumbent.

teach for america satire logo

design analysis of the brands driving bipartisan legislation fairly coincident with 9/11 that doubled our national adolescent suicide rate between 2007–12, left so many of my former students who managed to arrive at university burdened with unrecovered trauma, self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, and unprepared to think critically or empathize with perspectives new to their own sometimes fervently held opinions.

studio6other multigif

• Design and letterpress printing studio startup results in 10,000 hits with average 30–40 clicks per visit within my first month of mailing product samples, nationwide queries, and orders placed a full year later.

mfa graduation announcement

Graduation announcement. When the University of Idaho denied my petition to change the name of my degree as a critique of the masculine bias of language in higher education, I decided to print my own – between color changes and baseline alignments, no fewer than nine press runs on this baby!

• Write, design, print, publish, exhibit my MFA thesis research Wild Child in Moscow and Chicago coincident with the toxic behaviors in banking leading to the Great Recession.

Undeterred by billy goats, when I’m not walking through a swarm of bees, without fear, passing to the other side unscathed, charming my way out of being sprayed by a skunk with its back hackles already raised and tail twitching, inadvertently startled by my approach on a desert trail, or taming my next feral-to-service-animal, I’m multitasking projects with seemingly never-ending job applications:

designing a trauma recovery, healthy communication, conflict resolution, community space competitive with the very lucrative, morally bankrupt psychopharmacology industry.

designing conflict resolution age-appropriate curricula for K–18 audiences.

Always open for job offers, project proposals, design consultation, speaking engagements, trauma recovery workshops, conflict mediation: