#BetterDesign Than Mass Shooter Culture

rethinking moscow's masculine rage problem

Rethinking Moscow’s Masculine Rage Problem, interactive coincident event calendar, 2016, 13 pps, ea. 24×18 in. when printed to scale.

#betterdesign design


“The only way to escape the prisoner’s state is to know how the prison is built.” —Italo Calvino

Does my abject poverty mean that my earlier Twitter conversations with the former Vice President of Design at Capital One were more of my job-seeking “delusions”-?

Maybe to Idaho’s mental health professionals, but from my perspective, it means that I kind of blow out of the water my abusive brother-in-law’s unfounded accusations that I am unemployed due to “mental illness” or a lack of “motivation” on my part, convoluted logic already contradicted by his demands to prioritize my time for me, and instead I arranged an hour-long telephone interview with one of the bank’s “talent” recruiters who chattered on and on about her recent vacation to Australia with her hubby, reluctantly admitted the bank is “considering” suggestions of rebranding and identity – long overdue, if it hopes to communicate to its global audience innovative changes instead of ongoing toxicity in banking – and whose only questions for me – as the recruited “talent” subsisting by a thin thread for a few nights in a cheap, smoke-filled motel room with a methamphetamine and antipsychotic addict, severely codependent in his relationship with his mother, as preferable to perishing of hypothermia in the snow, until I refused to acquiesce to sex in lieu of rent – focused on whether or not I actually knew Mr. Makoski in meatspace, where it turns out the power of 21st century media is not so democratizing after all. By the time she chirped her question about where do I spend most of my time, I realized Capital One’s talent recruiters do not actually perform their job descriptions of researching talent by reviewing portfolios or perusing blogs or scrolling through Twitter or coming prepared to interviews before presenting their recommendations to senior management.

Not until I followed the “talent” recruiter’s time-wasting poverty deflection strategy to wade my way through Capital One’s horrendously designed human resources database with its ever-descending drop-down options ever-collecting data ever-divided into ever-smaller chunks of information, did I realize Stanford University daddies and their trophy wife mommies pay for their offsprings’ private educations netting “talent” ill-equipped to compete on a level playing field:


The bank’s written content pursuing innovative talent does not quite align with its visual communications, once again that incongruence revealing the abuses within.

Happily for me, Dan has already left his two-year gig with Capital One, wearied by earning his paycheck from a bank that earns its money by encouraging toxic communications between men, women, and all of the genders in between. Props to Dan for having the courage to dive right back into the corporate fray in his new job at Walmart, still trying to redesign capitalism at its most broken:

My genetic mother would be so thrilled. She’s been after me to apply for those Walmart door-greeter jobs ever since I successfully defended my graduate thesis from Idaho’s flagship institution of higher learning, on some level recognizing what I refuse to accept, that my Idaho education was good for nothing more than pretending to be dumb as a box of rocks on the global job market, meeting employers’ expectations:

founders dating

Screenshot, invitation to join Founders Dating

Maybe just a generic email dump to a social media startup that so far looks like a cheap knock-off of LinkedIn, but maybe not. Maybe soon an innovative partnership, department, firm, institution, or agency will recognize “talent” as a combination of education and hard work, rather than confusing healthy communications and visual literacy with the conflicting diagnoses offered by IDHW’s technologically challenged staff.

What would help the public provide help for any criminal investigation is if news media would better research biographical dates and names as well as better visually communicate your alleged suspect’s identity, if you must rely on 20th century distribution tools (newspapers) for communicating in the 21st century. And/or you could also redesign your own web presence to more directly communicate the facts pertinent to your investigation to your public audience. Images of Lee in the early news reports were so tightly cropped to his face, it took me awhile to find one that still included the measurements on the Whitman County booking scale, verifying my memory of not just John/Kane/Jason’s facial features bloated by psychopharmacology but also his height, and eventually the on-again, off-again thick black spectacles that further altered both his state hospital-incarcerated and post-mass-shooting identities. Why newsrooms make those cropping decisions is elementary visual cultural literacy: it is what former prosecuting attorney and recently retired University of Florida faculty of law Bob Dekle describes as the “perp walk,” intended to make as unattractive as possible the alleged suspect, thereby demonizing him to potential juries long before police have a chance to thoroughly investigate the crimes and prosecutors have the opportunity to follow due process.

Where shall I send my bill for providing expert testimony aiding your investigation?

Does that go to your office?

Or, since my voice is a neutral, professional opinion on the psychology underlying the motivation of the mass shooting crimes harming your community, will the value of my expertise be split between the Latah County Prosecutor and Public Defenders Office?

As you can see, the first page of a Google search for Latah County Public Defender results in a link to the County Court Assistance Office, as well as a couple of links to a research paper examining the feasibility of adding a public defender to the county budget:

latah county public defender search

From 1973.

By curious coincidence, the same year as the birth of that “delusional” state prosecutor son of “delusional” ex-FBI parents, according to Idaho’s mental juridical health professionals. One year before my adopted eighth cousin twice removed Ted moved from Washington to attend law school at the University of Utah, allegedly stopping in Idaho for at least one homicide along the way.

On the Latah County Court Assistance Office page, defendants might find two telephone numbers dialing back to Boise, or Ada County, as well as forms for defending themselves, with a link to a pro se forum that results in a 404:

idaho pro se 404

Worth noting for global readers unfamiliar with Idaho’s idiosyncrasies, Ada and Latah Counties are located in separate time zones. Moscow is ever so slightly more closely connected to Seattle’s Pacific than to Boise’s Mountain Standard Time.

If I thought the design of global communications between Ada County lawyers and their external audience was bad, there appears to be no shortage of lawyers desperate for my design expertise in the far northern reaches of the Palouse. The Washington lawyer I know as Nick’s dad, coincidentally Lee’s publicly appointed defense on charges of eluding police in his wild ride across state lines, needs help with his z-index, among other issues:

martonick screenshot

Screenshot, Martonick Law, meta-dated 02 March 2016.

A search for Lee’s publicly appointed defense attorney Charles Kovis leads to no web presence beyond a bare-bones Facebook page lacking email contact information, leaving him at a distinct disadvantage from Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson:

kovis fb page

Screenshot, Charles Kovis Facebook presence, meta-dated 25 May 2016.

Web collateral for his co-counsel in the triple homicides, Deborah McCormick, may exist beyond an identical bare-bones Facebook page, but Google first returns many links to an alter ego, a woman raped and murdered by a former police officer with a lengthy history of domestic violence before he was convicted and executed by the State of Texas:

mccormick search

In an era of sophisticated spam filtering options, the Latah County Prosecutor’s office delays email communications with a workaround predating the turn of the 21st century, a .gif image in place of a ‘mailto’ link:

latah county prosecutor

Screenshot, Latah County, Idaho, prosecutor page meta-dated 25 May 2016.

Is Bill Thompson in a position to prosecute the state for causing criminal harm? Or does the responsibility for prosecuting corruption of state bureaucrats fall to the Department of Justice?

Or have we yet to criminalize systemic ignorance?

More tips for improving law enforcement global communications I included along with my analyses of the communications problems impeding the success of the Gates and Allen Foundations’ goals for ending dire poverty in their headquarters’ city.

No end of case law establishing the criminal behaviors of international drug lords, as Dr. Gøtzsche contextualized for you in his analogue publication, or, as he points out, you could just do your own Google boolean research combining the names of the 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies with ‘fraud’, as the Department of Justice is already well aware:

  • Three examples form strong rhetorical practice, but because I am a Brubaker’s half-dozen, according to my real biological U.S. Navy and IRS veteran father, may he rest in peace – I like to think he might be a little bit proud of me for all of my hours typing away at various 21st century machines much as he pounded the keyboard on his Remington (which is to say, the typewriter, not the firearm) a generation before me, even if my genetic mother may not be very pleased with me right now, much as she would like to sweep the bad behaviors of her sons-in-law and relationships through prior marriage under the rug – how about if I go ahead and link to the GlaxoSmithKline three-billion-dollar payout in 2012 for illegal marketing of various drugs including Advair, that settlement not until four years after their asthma drug was prescribed to me by a white, male physician in Moscow who impressed me with not much other than his severe discomfort with female patients, rushing out of the exam room every time I asked a direct question that he did not know the answer to, until I began to wonder if he was even a doctor at all, or just some guy who wandered into the clinic from a back door off the alley, donned a white coat in hopes of catching a glimpse of female flesh, and scurried out to go flipping through the PDR in between questions. He misdiagnosed as “asthma” my ongoing respiratory difficulties identical to the manufacturer’s MSDS list for polyester-styrene-based resin, further extended his malpractice far beyond his professional licensure to the DSM to misdiagnose my respiratory cough as “anxiety,” despite his unfamiliarity with the research of Jacques Lacan, another colleague of Freud’s, whose work I sat calmly reading, despite suffering body-wracking, deep respiratory injury, while patiently waiting for the good doctor to better compose himself. I would have liked to have found competent medical care at the time of my grad school injuries, but healthcare options for Oregon public employees and their spouses – then-wife as I was to that real prosecutor son of real ex-FBI parents – were limited in Idaho. I kept hoping the scatterbrained “Doctor” Schmidt would resolve his severe difficulties in relation to his mother, or maybe seek psychotherapeutic care rather than transfer his residual dis-ease onto his female patients, until one of the pragmatic respiratory nurses at your local hospital queried, in a bewildered tone, “Why is he prescribing Advair for asthma?”

    “I don’t know,” I answered, “I’ve never had asthma. What do asthmatics take?”

    And we stared at each other in bewilderment.

There’s our federal budget for universal basic income, in case the chief economist at Citi is still scratching his balding head trying to figure out how to navigate austerity.

But since Idaho’s Attorney General is also already aware of the global drug cartel problem, scooping up settlement cash to dump right back into the laps of IDHW pharmaceutical-influenced staffers seems to me to be either circular illogic or an ignorance of human psychology, naïvely trusting the mental health professionals to be educated enough to do their jobs.

Does the investigation of Idaho’s corrupt state agencies fall under the jurisdiction of the police department within one of its small, agricultural college communities?

Or is corruption too strong of a word here? Shall we stick with ignorance instead?

Have we outlawed ignorance yet?

Or is that investigation the responsibility of the FBI, as I suggested to that agency in May 2014 and again in November 2014, as evidenced by the metadata of the original screenshot .tif from which this .jpg was exported, taken shortly before your mass shootings in January 2015 and long before Oregon spent $100,000 per week in January 2016, with federal expenditures totaling over $3.3 million by some estimates, over $9 million by others, and federal prosecutors were still unable to persuade an Oregon jury of their conspiracy theory, after state and federal agencies failed to negotiate with more members of my extended clan without somebody getting killed?

fbi trafficking tip

Screenshot of FBI trafficking tip auto-reply with text added: Bundy clan trafficking tip requesting investigation of Idaho’s Skittles Schools meta-dated 28 November 2014, 43 days prior to Moscow’s 10 January 2015 psychotropic med-induced mass shooting event, 398 days prior to start of Oregon militia standoff.

Best luck to both sides in their ongoing negotiations. All I asked for was toilet paper, cat litter, and tampons commensurate with my menstrual experience.

Oh, I almost forgot, and here’s the deal-breaker: autonomy.

That means basic human dignity.

Or the ability to prioritize my own time on this swiftly tilting planet.

If it helps your investigation at all, during one of our contract negotiation sessions, my brother-in-law raged, “IF THIS IS TRAFFICKING, THEN HAVE THE FBI TELL ME,” so, unlike Ammon and Ryan, I think he would probably respect that authority. As far as I know, they maintain no guns in their compound. I was a little worried about that the night I went next door to fetch help after his elderly mother had fallen again, long after he raged at me to stop providing help for his own mother, slipping through their unlocked sliding glass door, because they were not answering any of their phones and I know better than to try to move someone who may have broken bones, and thinking if this was another kind of house I might be shot dead any moment. If I had been a black woman in Detroit, I wouldn’t be typing this. As far as I know, from what my sister told me later, her husband only fainted at the mere notion of his mother fallen and bleeding.

Except I said nothing about blood-?

There was no blood at that scene.

Maybe he was suffering too much pressure at work, spending too many hours in front of a lighted screen, and his abusive mother’s declining health sent him into a mental meltdown of unrecovered childhood trauma?

A pity Micron doesn’t afford better mental health care for its senior engineers, so they do not feel like they have to go about trying to access therapy for free, committing Medicaid fraud by pretending they would be willing to learn how to treat their destitute relatives with what I consider to be basic human dignity, but only if that paradoxically meant they could continue stomping like two-year-olds in footed pajamas and shouting at me in the presence of one of Idaho’s licensed professional counselors willing to accept Medicaid rates, before avoiding even that pretense toward conflict resolution and denying child abuse, elder abuse, trafficking, rape, homicide, and our shared genealogy to the state’s mental juridical health professionals who get paid to ostensibly weed out fraudulent abuse of the state’s severely limited resources.

If you need to better understand the psychology of Moscow’s next mass shooter or nationwide serial killer, if you contact me immediately and contract with me in advance, I promise to do my best to help you connect the dots in timelier fashion. Instead of mopping up after, what I would really prefer is teaching healthier conflict resolution as a better alternative to either campus sexual assaults or community mass shootings. Maybe you can prompt Governor Otter for his long-overdue apology to me if you’d like my in-person assistance better educating your Idaho cohort?

Otherwise, how do you feel about distance learning? You may ask any questions about anything I’ve said in comments below, and click on my last buck to donate a percentage of your tuition or professional design consulting fee to PayPal’s shareholders.

If we rely on the facts published by the newspaper based out of Spokane, according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), their Spokane-based global torture psychologists earned $80 million for three years of labor, yet were unable to fulfill their contractual obligations to obtain any intelligence reliably relevant to national security by the agency’s own admission. Worse, according to some critics, they may have actually harmed the United States for generations yet unborn, just to give you a ballpark figure for the regional value of my educated expertise.

According to my calculator, dividing $80 million by two psychologists, divided across three years, divide by 52 weeks per year, divide by 40 hours per week, that’s approximately $6,410 hourly rate. Nearly six-and-one-half times the value of an entire workday of a humble designer with my breadth of skills across multimedia, according to one 17-year ad industry veteran who chose to prioritize his life selling carbonated sugar water. If you can’t afford my rates, maybe your peers at Meridian Police Department can chip in a decade of their wages from their taxpayer-funded jobs they’re not doing anyway? From my perspective, I didn’t need to prove that cold case homicide in Las Vegas or Arizona was still a cold case homicide when I reported to their unprofessional responses what I had discovered so far about the lack of communications across police and prosecutorial departments throughout the American West while requesting an investigation into the undereducated failures at IDHW and refuge from human trafficking; that’s just icing on the cake further proving the accuracy of my 2008 MFA thesis research.

Maybe the boys in Meridian could hold a bake sale to raise additional funds to cover the cost for your community in Moscow?

Respectfully submitted,

Jana Brubaker

#betterdesign design

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