Resetting Your Moral Compass

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cha 10 day notice to comply 22 augJung may be dancing in his grave over this synchronicity:

Precisely one week earlier, I noted in my journal a quotation from Dr. E. Fuller Torrey’s Oxford University Press publication of the history of systemic flaws within our national mental health services delivery:

“President Kennedy’s signing of the mental retardation and mental health bill on October 31 was to be the last public bill-signing in which he would participate. Twenty-two days later in Dallas, he was assassinated” [emph. mine].

Of course that moment in history 22 days later was the subject of my first – and hopefully not last – major painting, an object of 2014 theft acquisition after employees paid by the State of Idaho’s mental juridical health system abjectly failed to identify the difference between incest trauma versus “mental illness” 13 and again some 56 years earlier – the similar family history and misdiagnoses of my post-carceral Idaho traffickers – or my reports of trafficking and homicide versus the accusations of “psychotic delusions” from a white, male, property-owning senior electrical engineer at Micron and his obedient wife, enraged that I refused to perform still more household labor after they refused to uphold the terms of our agreement to provide toilet paper and cat litter while I applied for jobs of my choosing as fast as I am able without continual criminal disruption.

Back in 2009 when I painted that painting, I had never heard Rosemary Kennedy’s name.

Dr. Torrey provides a beltway insider’s account of the history of this nation’s legislated ignorance of human psychology and narcissistic greed, but I still recommend reading Dr. Herman, Dr. Rogers, both Drs. Benjamin, Dr. Kristeva, Dr. Cixous, Dr. Derrida, Dr. Arendt, Dr. Freud, Dr. Lacan, Dr. Jung, Dr. Frances, and Dr. Gøtzsche, among others, for more perspectives expanding the perspective of a physician who sounds deeply in denial about the likely underlying causes of his own sister’s diagnosed and medicated “schizophrenia.” Challenging for me to value too highly the opinions of a white male doc who describes male predators who roam the nation’s capital in the dark of night, sexually assaulting mentally disabled women, as “unsuspecting men,” particularly when his own paycheck depends on pharmaceutical remedy for women who speak perspectives that disagree with his own repressed memories.

Maybe our former President’s sister descended into psychosis, or maybe anxiety is an entirely normal, healthy feeling to express when your father is Joseph P. Kennedy and he forcibly hauls you to a lobotomist? And maybe her increasingly agitated mood, anxiety, convulsion or seizures, dizziness, weakness, lightheadedness, muscle twitching, unusual visions, or sleeplessness that propelled Rosemary to roam the city streets at night, leading to her father’s devastating decision for that outpatient office procedure, were merely horrible side effects of some red pills or injections administered for too many years and beginning from too young of an age, before her brain likely damaged in childbirth had even half a chance to develop to the best of its arrested ability, compounded by parents performing rigidly divided masculine and feminine roles, along with the unrealistic pressure of competing with her highly intelligent, politically ambitious siblings, as described in the biography penned by Kate Clifford Larson as recently as 2015?

The coincidences that intrigue me still further, the dates between former President Kennedy’s 1963 bill-signing, and former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift in 2001 formally apologizing to the descendants of the falsely accused victims of the Salem Witch Trials, as I posted in 2014 on a date I did not notice that year coincided with both the death of Rosemary’s father in the year that I was born, the date in 2009 that I received three phone calls from the 702 that did not correspond to any of the numbers I had for family members remaining in Nevada, and the date in 1988 of my marriage to a man whose third wife first disappeared or was murdered 04 April 1997 by a serial killer allegedly acting alone, that date coincident to the birth five years earlier of a girl born in the midst of war-torn Bosnia, who later immigrated to Ohio, only to take her own life by hanging to escape the abuses of her high school classmates exacerbated by the abuses of her school’s counselor and administrative staff, after her prescription for so-called antidepressants failed to change their abusive behaviors: will it take another 298 years before Idaho’s governor apologizes to me? To former Idaho state legislator Tom Trail, whose brother was gunned down by a former University of Idaho graduate student and victim of Idaho’s broken mental juridical health system, unbeknownst to the Idaho police responsible for investigating at least one of those crimes? Or to Seattle’s critically injured Office of Civil Rights?

Meanwhile, your entire case, program, clinical, and property management team still has not figured out how to correctly spell “state.”

For the remainder of my response to your 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate dated 22 August 2016, I replicate your outline format:

2. A. Provisions of the Lease and/or Rules and Regulations you have violated: Good Neighbor Policy 6) Clearly, April defines “annoying, bothering or disturbing other tenants” differently than I define those same terms. I would insert the Oxford comma were I rewriting your lease documents, but I respect your right to choose otherwise. April’s definition for those terms matches Delores’s definition, which Delores defines differently for herself than for all of your other tenants, maintenance crew, and external contractors, many of whom leave and refuse to perform their contracted labor after she rages at them, and I do not blame them one bit, having personally witnessed one such situation, and heard about many others through multiple sources. Maybe Delores’s rage explains the still-gaping hole in your back fence that long predates my tenancy?

Case Management Plan Addendum 1) April also defines “respect” differently than I do.

My definition for mutual respect is hearing and being heard, a concept I introduced within the extended Bundy clan. My model helped two highly educated individuals recognize the structure of passive aggressive communications that had dominated their marriage for over 30 years. Where communications fell apart between us was when I asked two chronologically adult generations to not simply recognize the passive aggressive volvelle in their 90-year-old mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, but also to self-reflect and become more self-aware.

Self-awareness is much more challenging than blaming our individual feelings, poorly educated, one-sided judgments, or subsequent behaviors on others.

What is your definition for “respect”?

Once again falsely accusing me of being out of compliance with your Case Management Plan Addendum with no evidence to support her assumption, but a preponderance of evidence supporting my claims as victim to criminal behavior, April again demonstrates her dismal lack of qualifications for her position, or another of your nonprofit corporation’s violations of RCW 70.123.070.

Clearly, your staff neither welcome nor support residents with abilities vastly exceeding their own.

Demanding labor above and beyond the terms of our agreement under coercion and perpetual threat of eviction or malicious harassment and bodily harm might match April’s definition of socioeconomic “support,” but the Washington legislature and I define that behavior as trafficking, a class A felony, according to RCW 9A.40.100.

Your revolving door of staff undereducated in the field of psychology, and specifically trauma, may well intend no racial discrimination by catering to or appeasing Delores’s rampaging demands, but in reality they accomplish exactly the opposite, as your Clinical Services Manager Robert Bowery, with his master’s from the corporate trade Arizona School of Professional Psychology – as opposed to the “unprofessional” brand? – should know:

cha screenshot who we are

Screenshot, Compass Housing Alliance who-we-are page, meta-dated 08 May 2016.

Not sure what a master’s degree means in the soft sciences from a corporate trade school, but what an M.S. in hard scientific academic research usually meant was the kidlets copping out after two years couldn’t pass their preliminary examinations to hang in there for the Ph.D. coming six or eight years or sometimes a full decade down the road.

Maybe a good idea to update your web collateral by removing the bios and likenesses of senior staff since you serve a notoriously challenging population, or maybe that decision communicates to your global audience zero qualifications for your positions staffed with people who feel ashamed to show their faces in public?

Regardless of that global communications decision, can you see the parallels between the decisions made by your case, program, and clinical staff with respect to Delores, and the scenario described by Dr. Jeffrey Geller, the medical director at a Massachusetts state psychiatric hospital, when he testified in a racial discrimination suit concurrently decided by the Washington Supreme Court, describing psychiatric staff catering to the irrational demand of a patient claiming to be King George III, and requiring all to rise when he enters the room?

Psst, that’s the same court that decided last year that publicly funded, privately run charter schools are unconstitutional. The highest court in the state. As I suggested to Charlotte during our first and last case management meeting, maybe before your generous private benefactor invests too much more of his powder room change in yet another legally troubled operation, you might recognize the advantage to your organization as well as our wider community of helping me network to Paul or Jody Allen, since I am eminently qualified to assist with a double-blind study on the effects of visual literacy on trauma versus their presently known brain science options-? With Paul’s fondness for painting, neuroscience, and recent investment in renovating existing architecture with eye-catching graphic design, maybe, at the very least, I can persuade him to edit “and more” to include designers and artists, paid like their peer research scientists, without which any organization’s collaboration skills are seriously undermined:

allen institute window detail

Allen Institute, window graphic and lighting design, close detail, circa 2015.

In retrospect, since she lacks my eight years of experience supporting the academic research sciences, Charlotte may not have known what I meant by a “double-blind” study. Where should your staff go to ask questions when your clients communicate knowledge, experiences above and beyond their own, or recommend innovative solutions for your problems?

More screenshots to help both Charlotte and her Idaho counterparts with their challenges recognizing my professional experiences, pace the ill-informed opinion that an Ada County Prosecutor shared on his Kangaroo Court record that I have no knowledge of basic research. Not according to a globally respected expert in the field of RNA, one research generation removed from the 1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, however much she may have changed her opinion nearly a decade after I placed boundaries on her passive aggressive leadership style, requiring that she communicate directly with her postdoctoral associates rather than leave the country while leaving me to mediate lab rage by explaining I am not qualified to resolve a conflict of scientific ethics between the two of you:

rna editing jana brubaker

Screenshot, RNA Editing, edited by Brenda L. Bass, Ph.D., Oxford University Press.

The cleanest manuscript she had ever received from authors worldwide, according a production editor at Oxford University Press, which led to galley proofing, indexing, editing, image editing, and coordinating manuscripts from world-respected researchers for a second volume in the same series for the CEO and Director of the Huntsman Cancer Institute at a globally recognized authority in genetics research, my undergraduate alma mater:

cell adhesion jana brubaker

Screenshot, Cell Adhesion, edited by Mary C. Beckerle, Ph.D., Oxford University Press.

But maybe folks in Boise define “basic research” differently than I do-?

In my naïveté in teaching foundations drawing studio from 2005–07 before my graduate school faculty benefitted from my knowledge of typography and computer skills by changing my teaching assignment to graphic design for 2007–08, I repeatedly observed the dramatic correlation between visual literacy and trauma recovery, while trusting the “experts” who dole out pills to know what they are doing as my students confided their drug usage to me face-to-face or via their sketchbooks. Only now, reviewing my journal notes comparing Moscow’s 2007 and 2015 mass shooting events, do I realize my collaborative teaching results that I described to a 2010 gathering of Seattle’s elite design and engineering teams first divided quite rapidly between “save the world” and “screw the world” camps, leaving me the challenge of mediating between two vehemently opposed groups – including the 2015 shooter’s high school classmates – and the group most lacking in empathy were coincidentally the students more likely to be taking antidepressants or antipsychotics.

Neuroscience has yet to design an empathy pill, but pharmaceutical science, ever starved for profit, continues to devise and medical physicians dispense complex cocktails of antipathy pills causing egregious social harm readily recognized by experts in their own field.

By welcoming and supporting residents of all religious backgrounds, does April mean that Compass is long overdue for finding more suitable accommodations for the resident raging anti-Semitism as evidenced by the audio clip above, and more recently, in between the last “monthly” house meeting in June, and your staff’s retaliatory 10-Day Notices to Comply or Vacate to me in August, on 11 July 2016, when I was awakened by Delores raging unfounded accusations of your other residents breaking the house coffeemaker, more audible foul-mouthed disrespect and threat of bodily harm toward her housemates overheard through my windows, “…broke the coffee pot… breakin’ shit. Stealin’ shit. These psychopaths are clever… Probably that’s how come she bald. She can’t grow hair. Sumpin’s wrong with her brain… I wish I could catch her at it, so I could WHOOP her ASS…”

That tirade Delores again extended into her writing on the kitchen whiteboard, more evidence of her paranoia and assumptions that everyone else on the planet shares her internal motivation for vengeance:

cha coffeemaker

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard meta-dated 11 July 2016.

Delores’s argument would be strengthened if Linda did not abstain from caffeine in her diet or refuse to touch the unhygienic coffeemaker that typically only Delores uses.

I was ill in bed all that day, whether from food poisoning, or a bout of ‘flu, or stress from subsisting in your criminal environment, or some combination thereof, I am not sure. My experience was suffering intense abdominal cramps and nausea that prevented me from working at my computer for more than a few minutes at a stretch, creeping out to the kitchen for more fluids, and stumbling back to bed when I became too dizzy or overwhelmed with pain to concentrate on forming full sentences, though I was not able to vomit until 8:00 pm that night. Rapidly exiting my unit to cross the hall to the upstairs bathroom, my lungs were nearly overwhelmed by the toxicity of Delores’s patchouli incense wafting upstairs through the open door between levels, another of her frequent violations of your Safety, Security, and Non-Violence policy, your Good Neighbor Policy, and the 5.C. Property Damage provision of your lease, which states:

b. Open Flame: The Tenant(s) shall not use burning candles, incense or any other open flame devices in the unit.

As well as your Building/House Rules, Section 4. Facilities:

• All common spaces are smoke-free and alcohol-free areas. . [sic]

After I finished in the bathroom, I closed the door between upstairs and downstairs, and turned to stumble back to my unit. Promptly behind me, Delores bounded up the stairs and yanked open the door, rampaging, “DON’T YOU DARE CLOSE THIS DOOR!”

Hearing the exact opposite of more of her raging demands on alternate days when she prefers that door shut, I asked if she could please refrain from burning incense in the house. As I explained during my screening interview, my lungs were damaged during that graduate school incident when my dysfunctional department faculty presaged the behaviors of your case, program, and clinical management staff by over a decade. Instead of complying with the terms of our mutual agreement, Delores launched into a longer rampage, jeering at me for not being more like her hypocritical Jesus, whose infant lungs had not been damaged by toxic fumes from poured resin when the three wise men bestowed their gifts of frankincense and myrrh, apparently.

Too weak to further dispute our contractual obligations or ask her to respect my religious differences as I respect her right to worship as she chooses unless or until that worship causes me harm, I crept back into my bed. Again, as I explained to Hilary during my initial intake interview, while I situate myself somewhere between Buddhist thought and the ancient Greek pantheon, I believe in benefiting from wisdom not just from Athena but from anywhere I find it, including any of the world’s major or minor religions, and I am a big fan of the Christian “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” as it is fairly congruent with Kantian philosophy, though it is rare indeed that I encounter Christians who practice what they preach.

During my house screening interview in November, both Hilary and Delores confirmed that no smoking would occur inside the house, with Delores performing for Hilary’s audience her promise of “mindfulness” – not smoking on the upstairs balcony when the upstairs bedroom windows are open.

Nice in theory or while manipulating your staff, but how Delores’s “mindfulness” works in daily practice: oftentimes, she stomps upstairs, vigorously cranks shut the kitchen window, and if I happen to be in the kitchen, rather than first inquire if perhaps her housemates might prefer fresh air in the upstairs common area during spring, particularly throughout the high heat of summer, and early autumn in a badly designed open floor plan with an enormous picture window at the front of the house, two skylights above, and no cross-ventilation for the sliding screen door from the dining area leading to the back balcony, to which Delores has forbidden my access, reserving that “common area” space for her personal smoking porch, and instead rages at me, or at the walls, or perhaps she intends as her audience the neighborhood generally, that she is shutting the window because she is smoking outside below, implying that I should feel grateful for both her smoking and her raging, because she has “mindfully” shut me into a greenhouse replete with her charred kitchen gases instead.

No shortage of opportunities for me to practice equanimity at Restful Peace Cottage.

At May’s house meeting, chain-smoking Program Manager April missed another opportunity to both place boundaries on still more of Delores’s unfounded raging accusations that I had stolen her ashtray from the back balcony and enforce another provision of your lease and Washington law. Even after Linda readily confessed during that meeting that she had placed the foul, ash- and butt-laden ashtray in a covered plastic container in the kitchen while in the midst of cleaning it for Delores, both actions inexplicable to me, but if that’s what Linda chooses to do with her time, I respect her right to prioritize her life precisely as I require anyone to respect my autonomy to prioritize mine, still Delores raged her accusations of ashtray theft at me.

All I knew about the allegedly missing bicycle, the Kitchen Aid mixer, the ashtray, or the yoga DVD at that point was that I had gotten back to the house from working out at a neighborhood park – because Delores prohibits me from the convenience of using the allegedly common area of your backyard – to find the upstairs telephone missing, and I had rather hoped that meant your uncommunicative case or program managers might have removed the ashtray from the upstairs balcony, in a long overdue attempt to enforce RCW 70.160.020, which prohibits smoking in public places within 25 feet of “entrances, exits, windows that open, and ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited.” While your private, nonprofit corporate residence would not ordinarily count as a public place, in this instance it does because you use it – ostensibly – to provide “adult care, or other similar social service care on the premises.”

The upstairs balcony is nowhere near 25 feet deep, and should not be used for smoking. At all. Period. Not even in the wintertime when my windows generally remain closed.

The downstairs porch is also snug up against the house, particularly in the wintertime when Delores stands at the back door, holding it open several inches, allowing heat to escape outside and her foul second-hand cancer to suck right back inside.

As I already stated above, Delores’s actions and your failure to uphold the terms of your lease both harms my health and depletes my time pursuing my educational and employment goals, because I pause in my work to open and shut, open and shut my windows all day long to accommodate her urges to self-medicate her early childhood trauma with her nicotine addiction.

A better designated smoking area, if you must house addicts on your property, might be the concrete pad that extends from the back porch at least 25 feet away from the house, as I have noticed when the tip of her cigarette glows through the dark from that distance, the fumes do not waft into my windows, even though her raging is still plainly audible. Or beneath the pine trees if your smoking tenants seek shelter during the rainy season, as long as they take care not to set the tinder-dry needles on fire during the summer.

Please immediately begin enforcing the no smoking clause of your lease and obeying Washington law, both before and after you find more appropriate accommodations for Delores. If you would like visual evidence of these lease and law violations, I am more than happy to cooperate with your investigation, as Delores holds zero motivation to change her behavior on her own.

In visually analyzing the identity core to your business practices, I could not help but notice your allegiance to Martin Luther. I have long admired his contributions to the history of Western printing, as well as his courage to nail his theses to the church doors in defiance of deeply embedded corruption and hypocrisy like April’s cut-and-paste welcome of all religious backgrounds. I did not learn about the lengthy history of Lutheran anti-Semitism until 2010, in job research prior to my application for a faculty position with a Lutheran college in Minnesota, and discovered in their print collateral a poster layout like a totem, with a white male student dominating, a photograph of a white female inset at mid-pole, and a still-smaller photograph of a black female inset in the raven position, despite the institution’s written commitment to “diversity” composed much like Compass Housing Alliance’s lease terms.

April’s “welcome” of all sexual orientations while issuing me yet another 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate with zero evidence supporting Delores’s unfounded accusations of harassment, I find not just in violation of landlord tenant law and law protecting victims of criminal behavior, but all the more morally bankrupt, given the quantity of times that Delores has described me as a “lesbian” in a tone of jeering derision, frequent violations of our contractually agreed terms I previously reported to April’s boss, in my grievance emailed to Robert Bowery on 08 May 2016, shortly before your ever-revolving crew scheduled their first “monthly” house meeting since my tenancy commenced in November 2015. Delores’s “lesbian” taunting usually paradoxically follows her shoving her body into mine, more evidence of her severe internal contradictions and harassment that could be construed as sexual, given her confessions of using cameras and Snapchat to acquire and distribute potentially intimate images of her housemates, combined with her raging response to me, “I’D REALLY LIKE TO SEE THAT.”

So much for that attempt to place a boundary on her malicious harassment targeted toward my body and her raging accusations of racism contradicting her frequent use of racist terms, “Black men crawling all over me are not all put off by my mustache.”

Only to be rewarded with still more of Delores’s raging into her codependency device, “THAT’S JUST RACISM,” and more of her loud-mouthed judgment-sharing about my sexuality and multiracial identity, “BLACK MEN DO NOT LIKE WHITE WOMEN WITH MUSTACHES.”

You tell me; in your opinion, was my comment racist? Or is Delores’s behavior sexual harassment?

I do not typically drink coffee, preferring tea, and the only previous times I have touched your house coffeemaker were to program the clock to stop its frenetic blinking my first few mornings, until I realized Delores simply begins her mornings with rage, slamming doors, banging cupboards, and maybe randomly punching the buttons on the coffeemaker. Until. Some. Thing. Happens. I am also guilty of occasionally removing the empty-but-for-a-swallow-of-burned-black-beverage carafe from the heating element and setting it to one side on a potholder with the two goals of 1) preventing the glass from breaking and 2) reducing that nauseating burnt tuna stench of overcooked coffee. At least once, my courtesy for all of my housemates and your kitchen appliance property netted Delores’s rampaging accusation that she had left more than a cup in the carafe and I had drunk her stale coffee.

Have you read far enough now that you can find the flaw in that assumption?

For me, good coffee is a rare treat to be enjoyed with perhaps dessert after dinner. On 31 July 2016, after unexpectedly acquiring a potential coffee treat from a food bank adventure, I tried troubleshooting your kitchen appliance, only to find it filthy, covered in food-stick, and the water bin slimy with mold. Perhaps Delores’s carelessness contributed to the mechanical failure of your kitchen appliance? After emailing to Charlotte a maintenance request to replace the appliance that prompted still more spasms of foul-mouthed, name-calling accusations and threats of bodily harm that Delores inappropriately directed toward her housemates, I communicated the update to the house:

cha coffeemaker

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard meta-dated 31 July 2016.

As far as I know, you may retrieve your coffeemaker from the storage area in the garage that allegedly held your Kitchen Aid mixer prior to my tenancy.

Not to be outdone, Delores added her two cents later that evening:

cha plumbing requests

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard, meta-dated 31 July 2016.

By horrible Jungian coincidence, on the same day your staff rushed to the house to pacify Delores, pausing long enough to post their first 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate to me because Charlotte was unable to extrapolate the value of my educated expertise from one mass shooting, triple homicide case to another mass shooting, triple homicide event, this above-the-fold headline attracted my attention while I patiently waited for my turn seeking legal support for my interpretation of landlord tenant law:

seattle times mukilteo mass shooting

Front page, print edition, The Seattle Times, 01 August 2016.

Not technically a school shooting, as that incident also occurred off-campus, so this shooting event, much like Moscow’s 2015 mass shooting, will also not affect the school shooting stats in Everytown, USA.

When you folks are wondering why these mass shootings or serial killings keep occurring, it is because your church-going families, your graduate school faculty and administrators, your mentors, your school board directors, your neighborhood police officers and support staff, and your social workers, far from making decisions to reach your goals of “a world in which every person lives in a safe, caring community,” actively contribute to our child abusing, raping, trafficking, homicidal, suicidal culture each and every time you stomp your feet and insist on your “rightness” in rampaging narcissistic aggression, ignorance, or form your judgments after listening only to perspectives comfortable to your personal hearing.

For an organization that cannot “afford” six bus passes – face value $2.50/ea or $15 – per week for the global expert on the psychology of serial killers while I work on providing psychoanalytic expert witness testimony in a triple homicide mass shooting case that directly impacted Washingtonians, how does Compass Housing Alliance allocate its private and public grant funding?

When I got back to your property that day, at first I wondered whether Compass had added another raving lunatic to its staff, or if Delores had merely invited another of her friends to the house, as this was my introduction to Clare, a signed note claiming attendance at a meeting this newcomer-to-me had not attended, while an anonymous individual simultaneously threatened to evict me for not attending a meeting scheduled less than 48 hours in advance:

cha plumbing communications

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard meta-dated 01 August 2016.

Until I reexamined different handwriting on the upstairs bathroom door that slightly changed the alleged property manager’s command concerning the availability of the facilities, and recognized Delores’s handwriting as ever-changing as her 2–3-week cycles of rage alternating with perhaps 10-day – two-week if we’re lucky – cycles of relative passivity, when she foul-mouthed grumbles and slams and bangs but does not openly threaten bodily harm – but not nearly enough to waylay Yenesulesh’s fears that evening of upsetting your case management “expert” in the “refugee population”:

cha plumbing communicationsNot an important distinction to case, program, and property managers who do not think about biological needs or care about their clients nearly as much as they care about their own frustrated desires, but valuable information to tenants who dread running the raging gauntlet downstairs just to urinate or defecate and wash our hands afterward.

Maybe the heat lamp in the downstairs bathroom was leaking. Or maybe the expensive heat lamp that the downstairs tenants typically leave burning 24/7 like a cheap nightlight warming your downstairs bathroom even in August to sauna conditions was just dripping condensation after Delores’s showers? Was your maintenance crew actually permitted to troubleshoot the problem, or are they under case, program, and clinical management staff orders to scramble to do whatever it takes to obey her rampaging commands? And her raging about a leak from a downstairs light fixture led to your very costly, time-consuming decision to re-plumb the entire house-?

cha plumbing upstairs showerGranted, the galvanized is dated, but in the month or so that I’ve risked her raging gauntlet while showering in a space from which she boasts of acquiring intimate images, I’ve seen no evidence of a leak near that heating lamp, with my assessment confirmed by your maintenance staff. No stains in the ceiling, no dripping after I finish my showers with the heat lamp off because the shower heat is plenty warm for me. No sizzling or power outages as water encounters electricity. Some old superficial bubbles in the ceiling paint, but those are more likely due to a rushed paint job inadequately allowed to dry in between coats than a plumbing leak.

I’m no plumbing expert, but from even a quick search on Google, there seems to be quite diverse opinions across the plumbing community about the cost of replacing galvanized pipe versus the possibilities of lead contamination in publicly tested waters.

Budget to burn?

As I already communicated in my 08 May 2016 grievance to Robert Bowery while your case and program managers spun through your revolving door, your kitchen faucet was pouring water from its base, leaking across the kitchen counter, and puddling on the floor for over a week before he sent your maintenance crew to reduce your water bill. Inquiring of my other housemates 1) if the rumored house visit from newcomers April and “At” had confirmed a maintenance request for the leaking faucet and 2) could they please respect my effort of sharpening the kitchen knives by storing the extra chef’s knife in a drawer separate from the other kitchen tools resulted in Delores’s “expert” brute force apparently applied to your kitchen faucet, as well as her mimicry of Jenn’s earlier request for “proof” of her dish soap spiking harm, this time demanding internally contradictory “proof” for what to me is common knowledge about knife sharpening and respecting your tools:

cha plumbing issues

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard meta-dated 01 May 2016.

Attaching the following image to my email to Robert Bowery, I recommended gasket replacement for what was already a brand-newly replaced faucet after the spray feature of an earlier faucet had failed:

cha plumbing worn gasketInstead, your grateful tenants benefitted from yet another brand-new faucet, this one with separate extensible spray handle, as you can see from this image meta-dated 19 June 2016:

cha plumbing third kitchen faucetCurious whether that budgetary decision was due to a buy-one-get-three special at Home Depot, or did your clinical, program, or case management team haphazardly omit the term “repair” when communicating my repair/replace request to your maintenance staff, and leave them with no autonomous power to decide how best to do their jobs-?

When your very kind, patient, and gender respectful multiracial maintenance crew finally arrived on 19 July 2016 to replace the crank on one of my bedroom windows that Hilary had noted on walk-through “might be broken” and I confirmed later in November 2015, sure enough, it was still broken, they half-jokingly suggested I come work in their shop. All three times various members of your crew visited to 1) assess the problem, 2) reassess and visually document the problem, and 3) repair the problem, they needed my help demonstrating how to crank open the window. Which is why I reiterated the repair request that Christine may have initiated. In the intervening spring and summer months, I had figured out how to wedge the broken doo-hickey against the broken thing-a-ma-bob to operate the broken watchama-call-it to nevertheless open and shut my windows for optimal ventilation.

Tell them not to feel bad, okay? The Information Technology (IT) support staff earning paychecks from the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Utah – one of the four institutions nationwide that participated in the original ARPANET Department of Defense-funded precursor to the internet – used to similarly scratch their heads about how to log onto my Windows and Apple machines configured to two keyboards, one monitor for office space considerations. If I didn’t think it might cause your house to quite literally fall apart, I might even recommend job-swapping your case and program managers with your more emotionally intelligent maintenance guys.

That someone with my depth and breadth of skills has yet to find, post-Great Recession, an employer healthy enough to offer a living wage in exchange for my post-graduate labor speaks volumes of “mental illness” to not just Idaho’s mental health professionals, but to me too.

Beneath those superficial labels, however, I would describe a nation severely traumatized by color-coded post-9/11 federal fear alerts, socioeconomic greed, industry sexism, ageism, abusive family/community network, and widespread aggressive narcissism. You are now part of my community network, every bit as passive aggressive as the Bundy clan. I am a designer. I pay as close attention to tiny details as the big picture, figure out the way things work, and devise ways to make things work better; three differences between hiring one visually educated, critically thinking designer versus forking out paychecks for an entire ream of undereducated, apathetic administrators dutifully checking off check boxes on badly designed forms.

For strong rhetorical practice, a third example of Compass Housing Alliance’s budgetary excesses:

cha water wasteB. Specific Incident(s) Before April’s eyes again shine in an ah-ha! moment of catching me in the “crime” of photographing my criminally abusive housemate, hence validating her second retaliatory 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate, do I need to remind you that image-taking is 1) not directly addressed in your lease agreement, and 2) not illegal, as the accidental figure here is fully clothed, not captured in an intimate pose or private moment on an ostensibly “common area” of your property, and furthermore, 3) that Delores stepped into the frame at the precise moment I tapped the big round red button on my smartphone was purely coincidental, as I had intended only to demonstrate the water flooding the concrete for the purposes of public interest and investigation of your public and privately donated expenditures, and 4) notice how I went to all the trouble of lassoing her figure and applying an eight percent Gaussian blur to protect her privacy? It is unlikely she was even aware of my visual documentation, as she did not whirl around and commence raging at my windows, so it would seem that, far from “harassing” my criminally abusive housemate, I am merely following your written commitment against retaliation from staff or residents against residents who participate in (long overdue) investigations of criminal behavior on your property, pursuant to your Non-Discrimination Anti-Harassment Policy. I decided to include it here in the interest of full disclosure: this is the only image I have taken of Delores as of this writing; as well as to hopefully head off at another pass any unfounded accusations that I set up the scene flooding your concrete with precious water. Furthermore, 5) as meta-dating on the original proves, this image taken 07 August 2016 predates April’s second retaliatory notice to me, but follows Charlotte’s failures to provide legal citation for the unlawful instructions twanging from your second team of dual banjos revolving through your doors since I signed our lease agreement 19 November 2015.

My actions are further protected by Seattle law, from the print collateral that Hilary gave me with your lease agreement, under the section headed ACTIONS CONSIDERED TO BE HARASSMENT OR RETALIATION:

“City law prohibits retaliatory actions against either a tenant or a landlord. These provisions are enforced by the Seattle Police Department.

“A landlord is prohibited from harassing or retaliating against a tenant by:


“5. Evicting, increasing rent [what do lawyers have against the Oxford comma?] or threatening a tenant for reporting code violations to DPD or the Police Department or for exercising any legal rights arising out of the tenant’s occupancy

Further, that same section states:

“In most instances the law initially assumes that a landlord is retaliating if the landlord takes any of these actions within 90 days after a tenant reports a violation to DPD or to the Seattle Police Department, or within 90 days after a governmental agency action…”

Maybe highlight that assumption in the previous passage for April’s benefit?

Both of your 10-Day Notices to Comply or Vacate arrived wham! bam! after my grievance emailed 18 July 2016 to you, apprising you of the unresolved status of my grievances concerning your criminally abusive client previously filed through your staff hierarchy, while thoughtfully including Charlotte instead of talking about her behind her back, describing her and April’s behavior as trafficking, and referring you to the Attorney General’s site for clarification. Further from Seattle landlord/tenant law:

“Harassment or retaliation by an owner or a tenant should be reported to the Seattle Police at 911 or the non-emergency number, (206) 625-5011.”

Pace April’s undereducated, passive aggressive, personal opinions about when it is acceptable for your clients to call 911, though I thanked her at the time of our mandatory June house meeting for so generously offering her legal advice.

Just to be very clear, under the provisions of RCW 4.24.795, my intent is not to cause Delores any harm, but to find a better resolution for the pain, suffering, and emotional distress that her criminally violent behavior and the criminally supportive decisions or indecisions of your case, program, and clinical staff are causing me and all of her other housemates, some of your maintenance staff, outside vendors, and our neighbors. In that same section of Washington law, April’s verbal instructions, Charlotte’s written instructions, and your second 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate to me with their unlawful instructions exceed “authorized access from” my smartphone “property, accounts, messages, files, or resources” because I do not authorize her or your technologically challenged staff or anyone else access to my electronic equipment or any remaining scraps of property that have miraculously survived my trafficking experiences.

The image I intended to capture:

cha water wasteWater may not seem like a valuable resource to many in rain-drenched Seattle, but I grew up the desert southwest, where water is more precious than emeralds. Following my experiences there in real estate development and civil engineering, further experiences providing temporary office support for a suburban Portland water distribution agency taught me even the misty PNW places a premium on water.

Unless I am mistaken by its end-of-summer brown stubble carpeting most of its public parks, the City of Seattle cannot afford to water its lawn, and your middle-class suburban neighbors’ yards look much the same, yet Compass Housing Alliance, the charitable nonprofit corporation tasked with administrating a portion of the Mayor’s federally emergent homelessness problem, argues that it is too poor to afford transportation for the global expert in the psychology of serial killers working on providing psychoanalytic expert witness testimony in a mass shooting, triple homicide case that critically wounded a lawyer employed by the city’s Office of Civil Rights, while one criminally violent tenant client enjoys lush green grass in her personal garden-??

Or are your priorities out of whack with your written goals?

Thank you for providing still more evidence supporting my identification of the problem that is not homelessness, but narcissistic aggression.

Who cares about the health and well-being of the entire community, as long as you maintain your corporate property values-?

This luxurious water usage began in spring, as illustrated by this image meta-dated 26 May 2016, one day prior to, judging from her collected history of documented behaviors, threats, and availability, very likely Delores arranging compost on the top of your curbside bin for the aesthetic enjoyment of your neighbors and April raging an offer to me that she would return my call:

cha water wasteThree concentric green rectangles of graduating heights, marked with white stones forming an ‘X’ or a cross, as I’ve accentuated by connecting their dots here with white lines. I’m not even an amateur gardener, so maybe this is a master gardening technique? But from her previous behaviors and threats disrupting my sleep during the quiet hours indicated by your lease and leaving me fearing for the safety of my service animal in the criminal environment actively encouraged by Compass staff, I wonder if Delores was building an altar for sacrificing small creatures?

Curious if your water bills differ dramatically between the summer before Delores moved in, and the last two summers?

Notice the passive voice of Compass Housing Alliance’s third threat to evict me in less than a year that once again gives me no behavior to change?

“You were told…”

Who told me to violate Washington law?

And on how many separate occasions?

April is so committed to passive aggressive communication that she refused to directly own her own illegal behavior in her mechanical doll-like repetition of Delores’s unfounded accusations blaming her housemates for her own malicious harassment.

If you would like to change your lease agreement to include verbiage prohibiting photography and 21st century image distribution, you have given yourself the option of doing that at any time, but maybe you want to check with the President of your Board before you allow April or Charlotte or any of your other supervised employees to contractually obligate me to violate Washington criminal or civil rights law? I could be wrong, but I suspect the over 300 lawyers at the local office of Perkins Coie might advise you otherwise.

3. Eviction Before we meet up in Superior Court, would you please discover for me all of the documents, files, records, accounts, messages, images, recordings, or audiovisual material you intend to present as evidence of your claims, ordered first by my perceived offense and second by chronology?

Or would you like to reconsider Charlotte’s denial of outside mediation?

preamble 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 remedy

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