Resetting Your Moral Compass

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cha may minutesFollowing April’s 12 May 2016 house meeting minutes as an outline, next I will trace the chain of passive aggressive communications leading to Compass Housing Alliance’s violations of your contractual obligations and Washington laws to help you remedy your staffing problems, matching my numbered comments below with my numbers added to the image above:

1. While I feel grateful that both April and Charlotte had identified April’s misspelling of property by the time they arrived for our 16 June 2016 house meeting at Restful Peace Cottage, “proerty” is the least of April’s problems with scheduling, managing, and taking meeting minutes. Composting and composing are also two entirely different verbs. April’s composition, you might say, is compost. Et cetera.

2. Her written notes obscure the design of your letterhead, communicating April’s challenges with technology (operating word processing software and shoving a piece of paper through a laser printer) and visual illiteracy, or disrespect for style, or form. Oft dismissed as “just image,” or style, good design actually solves problems. Furthermore, when it comes to communications, the difference between healthy communications and passive aggressive or abusive communications is “just” style, or form. While you may think of communications, or graphic, design as the field that “makes pretty” administrative or marketing decisions, professionally educated graphic designers actually solve communication problems.

3. Missing from April’s meeting minutes is the date of the meeting, leaving you with no paper trail of the chain of passive aggressive communications flooding out of your office onto your clients.

4. Also missing: meeting attendees, who was present, and who was absent. Robert’s Rules of Order may help you better educate April and her successors on how to run a meeting and take meeting minutes. No need for that level of formality, perhaps, but there’s informal, and there’s unprofessional. April called her meeting to order without formally introducing herself, where the question still remains for your clients whether April holds the credentials to do her job, in theory, or whether April is the same April earlier identified via rumor as an office assistant to your Robert Bowery, Director of Clinical Services, and just dove right in with two narcissistic commands: “I want…” and “I don’t want…”

cha april communications

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard meta-dated 25 April 2016.

From my twenty-plus years of experience scheduling meetings with characters far more challenging than a houseful of homeless women to rope into a room all at the same time – Nobel-caliber research scientists attending the defense of Ph.D. dissertations come readily to mind – may I recommend a better way to schedule group meetings? Send – call – text – whichever mode of communications technology works best for each individual client – given your staff has already destroyed their trust with at least one of my housemates by leaking her email address to others, resulting in a barrage of spam – invitations to meet, rather than commands, indicating three available times, and ask what works best for each of our diverse schedules. Keep a little matrix of names and times. You can do that on an analogue scrap of paper if you prefer. Or super quick-like in Excel, making subsequent meeting scheduling that much faster, if your staff can find their way around a spreadsheet-? Then confirm the meeting time that overlaps for the greatest number of desired attendees. It may not be possible, with diverse schedules sometimes dictated by authority higher than the authority of homeless women, for all of us to be present at April’s or Charlotte’s stampeding insistence. Perhaps they can relinquish some of their abusive urge to control? I know, it sounds like more work for you up front, but as the multiple rounds of meeting scheduling from the April/”At” team demonstrated, you end up wasting that time anyway. While actively harming the ability of your clients to accomplish our educational and employment goals.

Or some sweet engineers have figured out my same solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI), for when native intelligence fails. Bonus, when you treat your clients with respect instead of coercive force, you build credibility instead of undermining yourselves.

Super-bonus, when one of your clients has never known healthy communications because no one in her severely traumatized life has role modeled healthy communications for her, and she lacks the imaginative skills to envision any other way of being, how is she supposed to learn healthy communications if your case management team enforces their authority through threats and coercion, while rewarding her criminally abusive behavior, actively harming your other clients?

Better still, once your staff had suddenly decided to uphold your lease requirement for monthly meetings, how about just close the first meeting by scheduling the next, and save the rainforest, petrol, and your staff creeping through your houses long after nightfall?

As with any abuse of power, theirs is banal.

An interesting and innovative change to solving Seattle’s poverty problem would be case management teams who treat their clients with respect, feeling grateful for the jobs those clients enable.

Even more innovative, universal basic income, or sliding scale everything, each community setting design guidelines to adhere to, obviating the need for meaningless administrative bubble-sheet-filling surveillance jobs.

5. Also missing: meeting structure. Old business? New business? House priorities?

Providing an advance agenda might help your staff stay on point, discouraging your meetings from becoming hijacked by foul-mouthed outbursts from your criminally abusive client.

Hint: the agenda, too, might be issued as an invitation rather than a threat.

Here are some ideas for agenda items I jotted down after the June house meeting, once I realized your staff were going to allow Delores to run their meetings for them:

• Apology; if your staff have no role models for healthy apology, I’m happy to go first

• Healthy communication: boundaries; ask, instead of accuse

• Enforcing your smoking policy, or adding a share-the-air policy to your Building/House Rules

• Common household tools?

• Labels/graphic design in kitchen/common areas

• Charlotte’s graphic design portfolio available for online review?

Can you think of others?

6. Instead, April lists her arbitrary do’s and don’t’s, decisions made without first listening to the perspectives of all of the stakeholders in the household and weighing her judgments against Compass Housing Alliance’s vision statement, your written commitment to “Safety, Security, and Non-Violence,” your lease terms, your Good Neighbor Policy, your Building/House Rules, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy, Crime Free Lease Addendum, Tenant Grievance Procedure, and municipal, state, and federal laws.

A computer, armed with audiovisual technology cheaply available on today’s market, could be readily programmed to do a better job.

Ignoring the safety concerns of your upstairs tenants, April and caseworker “At” followed the instructions of your outgoing Program Manager Jennifer Pargas, catering to the unfounded accusations of one of your downstairs tenants, narcissistically claiming that the upstairs tenants eavesdrop on her phone calls, and in early May 2016 yanked the landline from the upstairs, leaving just one landline in a two-story house with a physically disabled housemate unable to navigate steep stairs and the phone separated from the rest of us by a downstairs housemate with a documented history of threatening bodily harm.

How does that action match your vision for safety?

As I commented at the May meeting, the phone is not an issue for me, since the only time I use the landline is on the infrequent occasions when I accidentally lock myself out of my unit with my mobile inside.

However, as I commented at the June meeting, the underlying issue for the phone and all other superficial household conflicts is abusive communication. Any surface conflict can be readily resolved as long as both – or more – parties agree to healthy communication. Rather than using all your gas on trying to settle petty differences, how about focusing the full force of your staff’s energies toward acquiring healthy communication skills?

After April pronounced that the phone would be located upstairs throughout the day, and only returned to its downstairs base for overnight charging, her decision made further unreasonable because she provides no plan for how to implement her goal on a daily basis, I have only seen the phone upstairs twice, as this image of the upstairs telephone table demonstrates:

cha no phone

Restful Peace Cottage upstairs telephone table.

I could include a lengthy selection of images with metadata that provides evidence for my perspective over time, but since the images look all pretty much the same except for that time- and date-stamping data, I’ve provided just one visual data sample here.

Only the second time that I observed the house phone upstairs since our 12 May 2016 house meeting when April dictated to make it so with no wherewithal to correctly identify the underlying problem, and current to this writing, occurred on 08 July 2016, coincidentally the morning after four police officers were shot dead by a gunman attending a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, when Delores held the house phone clamped in its usual position against her face, while raging something that sounded like:

“Shit, Rabbit’s gotta gun.”

Or maybe:

“Shit, Rabbit’s gonna get it comin’.”

Or perhaps:

“Shit, Rabbit’s gotta get a gun.”

As I have previously communicated to members of your ever-rotating case and program management team, following your grievance procedure through your staff hierarchy, I reiterate, I make every effort not to overhear Delores’s rampaging trauma monologues, regardless whether they occur via one-sided telephone raging or are directed toward me face-to-face, going so far as to stuff a quadruple-folded blanket over the vent between our upstairs/downstairs bedrooms, and disrupting my work periodically throughout the day to open and close, open and close my bedroom windows against both her outside raging and the second-hand cancer offered by her chain-smoking cigarettes.

Because her volume is more often on rage than civil communications, but her speech sounds to me garbled by colloquial or regional differences between our childhoods, I am not entirely sure whether Delores’s plans to acquire a firearm are directed toward internal house targets or external social violence.

Only that the imminent access to firearms makes more immediate the urgency of appropriately responding to her January rampaging hopes that I would join my father’s extended clan in Oregon and get killed. Recorded during one of Delores’s multi-day rampages in January, as I have already explained in grievances emailed to your staff, this rampage is not me “listening in” on her private telephone conversations. This rampage I could not avoid overhearing from behind the closed door to my room as she charged upstairs and to the kitchen, raging threats of bodily harm without compunction because your staff maintain no boundaries on this behavior. Raging that precipitated my recording, “…WHOEVER THINKS THAT IS JUST A RETARD, AND THAT’S JUST BULLSHIT. I’M NOT TOLERATING THAT FUCKING PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE SHIT! I AM DIRECT! I WILL SAY IT TO YOUR FACE! …WITH NOTHING TO CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY! …I DON’T CARE IF SHE THINKS SHE’S FROM SOME MILITIA FAMILY IN OREGON! THAT’S JUST SOME RACIST BULLSHIT… BUNCHA ARMED WHITE RURAL FOLK. THEY SHOULD BRING THAT TO THE URBAN AREAS, WE’LL SHOW THEM… THEN SHE SHOULD GO JOIN HER MILITIA FAMILY IN OREGON…” So in addition to her foul-mouthed disregard for mentally disabled individuals, there was no mistaking that Delores’s threats of bodily harm were based on my ancestry, and targeted directly to me:

One could assume that I am vulnerable to Seattle’s poverty industrial complex because I share my racist family’s racist views, but given I have already written extensively against the abuse of racism generally and my family’s abuses specifically, is Delores’s assumption logical, or is she projecting her lifetime of previous experiences onto me?

Delores’s rampaging threats of bodily harm directed toward me specifically for my ancestry continued unabated for at least several to perhaps half a dozen days in the midst of January’s militia standoff in Oregon. In the audio sample below taken the following morning, I missed recording her threats specific to me, once again unprovoked by any of my actions, as I sat quietly sipping tea and writing at the living room coffee table. Delores disrupted my meditative practice by rampaging from downstairs to upstairs, as she passed through the common living area, her volume clearly audible, clearly not intended as private communications, and continued from behind the pocket door separating me from the kitchen. I also missed recording her threats to “pop” both Linda, another of my African American housemates who happens to be in the process of converting to Judaism, and myself, but captured her anti-Semitic rant as she refocused her rage midstream. Here she confuses the difference between direct (or healthy) communication and her own style of passive (though mostly) aggressive communication, and promises to make everyone in the house miserable. No rare occurrence, Delores also regularly threatens to get both of us evicted, because she is that confident in her ability to manipulate your staff:

Gaps in the audio, otherwise unedited, I’ve added to maintain the confidentiality of the names and location of your clients.

I appreciate that my perspective differs from Linda’s recorded perspective that Delores’s rampaging threats of bodily harm carried on for only two days. Yes, our experiences are different. We are two different people. We maintain different schedules, in and out of the house. I also appreciate Delores sharing her “truth” during house meetings that she has never cussed me out, and never threatened me with bodily harm. From my trauma-educated perspective, I understand that she is telling her truth, very likely only repeating tone and language that she learned in early childhood to force her will over other human beings.

There’s Delores’s “truth.” And then there’s a preponderance of evidence of the reality of alternate perspectives.

Delores’s rampaging threats of bodily harm are by no means isolated to one incident in January. (And even if they were, why is even once okay with Compass Housing Alliance?) After the police came and went, after Jenn threatened eviction for all of us if Delores’s behavior did not change, Delores’s threats harbored a new theme, retaliation for calling the police, a clear violation of your lease terms:

E. Tenant acknowledges this is a shared living space. Nothing shall be done by the Tenant in or about the premises which will interfere with the rights, comforts, and conveniences of other residents or neighbors.


a) Serious or repeated violation of the terms and conditions of the Lease, Building/House Rules, Case Management Plan and other policies attached;

b) Violation of federal, state or local law which imposes obligations on a Tenant in connection with the occupancy or use of the premises and surrounding premises; or

c) Other good cause.

Which include:

a) A Tenant history of disturbance of neighbors or destruction of property, or of living or housekeeping habits resulting in damage to the unit or property;

b) Criminal activity by Tenant involving crimes of physical violence to person or property;

Your Non-Discrimination Anti-Harassment Policy:

Compass Housing Alliance will not tolerate retaliation by staff or residents against anyone who complains of discriminatory harassment or intimidation or who asserts their [sic] rights under fair housing laws. We will not tolerate retaliation by staff or residents against anyone who provides evidence or participates in any such investigation.

Your redundant Good Neighbor Policy:

7. No annoying, bothering or disturbing of other Community Transitional Housing tenants, neighbors, businesses, or other people in the surrounding neighborhood.

And your Crime Free Lease Addendum:

5. Tenant, any member of the tenant’s household, or a guest or other person under the tenant’s control, shall not engage in acts of violence or threats of violence, including, but not limited to, the unlawful discharge of firearms, on or near project premises.

By 16 January 2016, as I already documented in my 19 January 2016 grievance to Jenn, and forwarded to Robert Bowery on 08 May 2016, after patiently waiting more than adequate time for your staff to research the ongoing problem of Delores’s criminal violations of your lease, and hearing no response from your outgoing program manager, Delores’s rage response to me cleaning up after myself and placing my dirty dishes in the dishwasher, “LEAVE THAT ALONE! DON’T INSTIGATE! YOU GUYS ALREADY IN TROUBLE! DON’T INSTIGATE!”

And on the morning of 19 January 2016, precipitated by my prior presence in the kitchen before she entered, in a tone of jeering derision, “Funny how you can be scared for your life one week, then walk right beside me the next week… Calling the cops on me… YOUR LIVES ARE GOING TO GET A WHOLE LOT WORSE IN TWO WEEKS, YOU’LL SEE.”

On or about 03 February 2016, two weeks after the 911 call, even with the vent blocked between our rooms, still I could not help but overhear more of her one-sided raging, presumably into a phone, or maybe just raging at the walls, her fevered imagination communicating with an idealized, empathetic listening other while she threatened to wreak vengeance for calling police on Linda and myself two decades from now, where Delores continues to assume that I identify as white because I pass white through the winter months, oblivious as she remains to my multiracial heritage: “That nigger should never have called the cops on me! And getting a white girl to back her up… Fucking cunt… If it’s 20 years later, I will never forget. I will come after her bald ass… Just because I looked up some dirt on her criminal past… She takes social security numbers and uses people! …I am a social justice activist!”

Before your staff again go jumping to the irrational conclusion that Delores’s “truth” about Linda is grounded in fact, in my psychoanalytically educated experience, her accusations more likely reveal nothing more than her habitual behavior accusing others of crimes or actions she herself has committed.

Oftentimes while she is in the midst of committing them.

As you can hear from this audio file meta-dated 23 March 2016, Delores also threatens me with bodily harm five years into the future as revenge against Linda for calling the cops in January:

Pace the undereducated legal opinions rampaged by Delores, who regularly threatens to sue me for protecting myself from her abusive threats of bodily harm, where your staff have miserably failed to do their jobs, with her threats dutifully echoed by April abusing her position of authority as Program Manager, and repeated again by Charlotte patterning her behavior after her undereducated and passive aggressive immediate supervisor, I refer you to RCW 9.73.030 for exceptions to the permissions ordinarily required prior to recording conversations.

Furthermore, RCW 9A.46.020 defines Delores’s near-daily behavior as harassment.

Arguably, Delores’s telephone rampages may also fit the definition of a gross misdemeanor under RCW 9.61.230, telephone harassment. Although she does not call me directly to rampage her threats of bodily harm, worse, her rampaging threats of bodily harm occur within my hearing range while she grips a codependent telecommunications device against the side of her face.

Furthermore, that same title of Washington law, RCW 9A.36.080 defines Delores’s behavior, which I have repeatedly reported to your ever-revolving door of undereducated staff, as malicious harassment, a class C felony.

The question remains, why are Compass Housing Alliance staff members encouraging one of their clients to commit felonies against their other clients?

Follow-up question: when is your staff’s behavior going to change?

7. The long-running conflicts over personal versus communal property that predate my tenancy remain unresolved because April, once again, only listened to the loudest perspective in the room, despite all three of her housemates who attended the May house meeting, including myself, explaining that we do not know which of the dishes in the kitchen belong to Delores and which belong to the house. Worse, April’s conclusion creates additional work for all of us while catering to Delores’s rampages, if we were to literally follow her directions as stated in her meeting minutes, which also display an irrational lack of common sense applied to the daily activities of living:

There is no table in the kitchen.

In the coming and going activities of daily living for six chronologically adult human beings with varying priorities and schedules, rarely do our paths cross to ask about dish property ownership prior to five of us simply unloading the dishwasher and continuing on with our educational and career goals.

No one else in the house rages threats of bodily harm over dishes.

Or anything else.

If we were to unload the dishes from the dishwasher “and place them on the table in clear view” in the dining area, that would mean walking back and forth between two rooms to stack all of the dishes on the table while waiting for Delores to decide which dishes belong to her that day. Then – and only then – returning all of the dishes that Delores disdains as house property on any given day to their house positions in the house cupboards.

Each and every day.

Yes, Delores’s personal inventory changes almost daily, reserving for herself the privilege of raging at her housemates for not reading her ever-changing mind while limiting ourselves to your ever-dwindling house kitchen inventory. And no, she does not return to the house cupboards the house inventory of mismatched odds and ends once she has picked through them, disdaining that chore for the rest of us.

Prior to the May house meeting, some days she raged that her dishes were to be returned to her cupboard, rather than left on the kitchen counter. So not only does her inventory periodically change, but so does her territorial preference.

As I started to explain at the house meeting before April so rudely interrupted me, “I assume—“

Demonstrating very poor judgment and her own lack of healthy communication or conflict mediation skills, April talked over me in a tone of a self-righteous parent victoriously chastising a slow, stupid child, “Never assume!”

I understand where April’s coming from, because when I was a child my genetic father – with whom I share a “delusional” kinship, according to Idaho’s mental juridical health professionals identical in their communications style to your staff members’ communications style, but who, in biological, global historic reality, shares the same great-grandfather Abraham Bundy as Cliven Bundy – taught me that cutesy maxim too: “Assume makes an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’.”

If I may finish?

“—that the dishes that were in the house-designated cupboards when I arrived in November belong to the house, because that’s what Hilary explained to me during my walk-through.”

Thus the importance of college, and further, graduate school education, where, if they work really hard, students acquire critical thinking skills, and learn that human beings base all of our opinions on past experiences, or some form of assumption, or judgment. When you go to bed at night, you assume that the sun will rise in the morning, because it always has in your previous experiences.

Even behind Seattle’s notoriously frequent cloud cover.

Colloquially, today I might revise my genetic father’s wisdom to say: making assumptions based on ignorance or one-sided versions of any conflict makes an ass out of you, maybe, but has nothing to do with me.

Not as catchy, I know.

The tagline needs work.

In legal logic, as I have learned from studying for the LSAT, lawyers-in-training learn to examine the difference between a necessary assumption and a sufficient assumption. Sufficient to April’s logic is the assumption that the two pans that Delores held aloft during the May house meeting, raging, “THESE PANS ARE MINE!” followed by her dutiful ‘I’ statement, catering to April’s only rule for meeting procedure, “I DO KNOW THAT PEOPLE KNOW WHAT MY FUCKING DISHES ARE,” followed, quixotically, by her denial directed personally to me, “I have never cussed you out,” are, in fact, property of Delores.

Necessary assumption to April’s further abusive logic, that Delores’s housemates should be responsible for putting away Delores’s dishes.

Without a house inventory list revised between each tenant departure and arrival, Compass Housing Alliance really has no way of knowing – and your rational tenants have no way of guessing – which property belongs to you and what belongs to your abusive clients.

As you can see from this image of the house whiteboard shot just four days after April’s decision to reward Delores for her raging pan inventory demonstration, already Delores added to “her” collection:

kitchen inventory revised

Restful Peace Cottage kitchen whiteboard, 16 May 2016.

Just two days after the June meeting, despite Delores performing her victim role before April and Charlotte that month by agreeing to compromise and become responsible for her own dishes, albeit with a long, martyred sigh and a pointed glare in my direction, “The rule was made, and it’s still being broken, so I guess I’ll just have to dig through the cupboard,” sure enough, Delores was not done rampaging about “her” dishes. In the morning, she raged at me about dishes that were not included in either her pan inventory demonstration or this whiteboard list, making the irrational assumption that I had unloaded the dishwasher that morning, even though I was not assigned the kitchen chore that week, and later that afternoon or evening I witnessed her rage directed at poor Yenesulesh, who had work conflicts and could not attend the May house meeting when April entertained Delores’s raging fit accusing the rest of us of stealing “her” dishes rather than helping your disabled client acquire healthier anger management or conflict resolution skills.

Here’s the part of their conversation that I witnessed:

In a tone of hurtled accusation, Delores raged at Yenesulesh, “Did you unload the dishwasher?”

Answering “yes” meant that Yenesulesh acknowledged freely pitching in and helping with the kitchen chore above and beyond what Delores herself had claimed credit for doing to your now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t case management team only two days before, since Selam disappeared from your transitional group home for homeless women months ago and her weekly chores have yet to be reassigned. But instead of, “Thank you for helping,” Delores expelled a long, martyred sigh, started to ramp into a rage, caught herself for the first time that I have ever observed her pausing in one of her rages, and changed her complaint to a grudging, “Well, okay, as long as it’s you.”

Then she freely acknowledged that she knowingly, deliberately, hatefully, targets her rage specifically toward me, on the basis of nothing more than my ancestry, a “protected class” described by your own lease agreement and Seattle, Washington state, and federal civil rights laws, while glaring at me. Wordless, I finished prepping the cup of tea that had drawn me to the kitchen and, goal accomplished, turned to leave, ”UNLIKE THAT ONE WHO JUST LEFT THE KITCHEN WHO’S DOING IT ON PURPOSE!”

Yenesulesh murmured back that she doesn’t know where Delores’s dishes go.

“YES, YOU DO,” Delores raged narcissistically, “WE DISCUSSED THIS IN THE MEETING!”

In May’s meeting, which Yenesulesh had not been able to attend. And a month later, because your staff yet again failed to place boundaries on her lease violations and criminal behavior, Delores was still raging at her housemates to put her dishes away for her.

If the dishes are, indeed, property of Delores.


To extrapolate the Golden Rule from that situation to how Delores treats me, that means she wants me to rage at her accusations of theft, name-calling, foul-mouthed harassment, jeering at her body, and threatening her with bodily harm on the basis of nothing more than her ancestry. Except I refuse to indulge her persistent, emotionally draining demands for abusive communication.

“I don’t know what dishes are yours,” Yenesulesh implored, her voice rising to match Delores’s volume, the fourth housemate who has directly communicated to Delores within my hearing that her expectation that we sort out “her” dishes from the house dishes is unreasonable.


And so it goes.

Another day at Restful Peace Cottage.

Delores’s “truth” must be everyone else’s truth, much as my truth must be the “truth” of a white, male, property-owning senior electrical engineer at Micron responsible for designing the world’s memory. Because he says so.

Never mind that Arizona is only just now getting around to prosecuting the cold case homicide that I reported to Idaho authorities in 2014.

And so it goes.

Another shortcoming with April’s, and later, Charlotte’s meeting minutes, or any communication coming from your staff, is that your staff neglect to translate their conflicting, ever-changing directives into either of Yenesulesh’s two native languages, leaving her even more confused with their English than the rest of us, despite Charlotte’s purported “expertise” in assisting the “refugee population.”

Even when the technology’s readily available.

When might we expect that expert assistance to begin, so the rest of us homeless, unpaid women can stop taking up the slack left by your case and program management team’s failures to do their jobs?

If Yenesulesh has difficulties winning the lottery that it takes to land poverty housing in Seattle, despite dutifully working her minimum wage “little job” similar to the jobs that Charlotte persists in chiding me for not prioritizing ahead of my continued education and employment goals, I hope that Compass Housing Alliance will extend her roof overhead or “participation” in your “program” – to mimic your brochure-speak – to accommodate your organization’s failures to uphold your own contractual obligations and Washington law.

From my vast experience placing boundaries on abusive behavior, I understand, it’s very hard not to get sucked into any martyr narrative. But if you listen closely enough, and learn to ask logical questions, soon you’ll be able to identify the underlying problem, rather than rewarding abusive behavior because it seems easier at the time.

Sometimes, if you pose your questions in just the right way, you even elicit emailed confessions from human traffickers.

Better communications design: rather than tolerating or, worse, rewarding Delores for her unfounded, raging accusations of “stolen” property, calmly remind her of your Building/House Rule Number 20:

20. Personal Belongings are the sole responsibility of tenants. Compass Housing Alliance assumes no responsibility for damages or loss of tenant belongings…”

To help Delores acquire healthier coping mechanisms for her understandable rage that is a symptom of her suffering severe trauma, calmly require the provision in your Case Management Plan Addendum which, in the Purpose section, states:

“Support services such as mental health and addictions counseling are often components of this plan and may be required for continued participation.”

Further, calmly remind Delores, as I remind your staff, of the clause in your Case Management Plan Addendum:

Tenant Agrees to:

1) Treat all others (staff, volunteers, residents, neighbors) with respect. Mutual respect is necessary in order the for the Community Transitional Housing program to be a safe place for all.”

Do we agree that falsely accusing others or blaming others for our own behaviors is disrespectful?

If we cannot agree on that, then your team is ill-prepared to treat other human beings with what I consider to be basic human dignity, and I encourage you to include “support services such as mental health and addictions counseling” as prerequisite for their continued employment.

In the days leading up to, flagrantly before April and “At” during the May house meeting, with very little attempt on April’s part to place boundaries on her abusive behavior, zero attempt from “At,” and since, Delores has repeatedly accused her housemates of “stealing” her bike, alternately targeting her rage for this offense – real, or imagined – toward either myself or Linda, and both April and “At” missed that opportunity to remind Delores of your Building/House Rule Number 21:

21. Bicycle Storage Compass Housing Alliance strongly recommends that bikes be locked up, and is not responsible for any thefts.”

If you are not contractually responsible, then why are you indulging Delores’s rampaging accusations? Why does Compass Housing Alliance value allegedly stolen property over the life or physical and psychological safety of any human being or other animals?

8. While April rightly corrected Jenn’s poor program management decision, prior to my arrival, finally forbidding Delores from parking her car in a garage that also houses a refrigerator for two of your clients not fortunate enough to store their food in the kitchen – by luck of a random draw? or racism, with the two Ethiopian Americans storing their food in the garage? – as well as a deep storage freezer available for all, she missed yet another opportunity to clearly communicate to Delores the two reasons to reinstate that policy should be 1) non-discrimination, and 2) health and sanitation, when she instead framed her decision with the socially clueless and goal-unfocused statement, “The garage space is for team-building activities…”

How Compass Housing Alliance could better “build” our “team” here at Restful Peace Cottage is by ridding that team of its criminal member.

One evening following the June house meeting, wherein raging communication between Delores and Angie revealed that the “stolen” bike had magically reappeared, I was peacefully prepping my dinner of spring rolls when Delores entered the kitchen and launched into a martyred rage once again accusing me of stealing her bicycle. I immediately stopped prepping my dinner and began video-recording my food instead, so now you and your staff have another opportunity to learn what foul-mouthed, one-sided, rampaging harassment, or a trauma monologue, sounds like:

Spring Rolls from studio6other on Vimeo.

Notice how we are not having a “fight”? Do you hear how there is no dialogue between two human beings? Do you appreciate the self-discipline of not raging back? Can you express your appreciation by apologizing for your staff’s bad behaviors and committing to a timeline of when you will accomplish my recommendations for remedy? In part, you may thank my pouting mother and my rampaging sisters. As well, I remain grateful for my raging ex-FBI ex-smother-in-law’s example, when I woke up one day and realized I didn’t want to turn into her, no matter how badly my prosecutor ex-husband may have failed to uphold the terms of our marital contract.

Your staff or Delores are welcome to argue, in their stereophonic chorus amplifying her martyr narrative, that I recorded just her bad behavior, eliminating my own, but where is the evidence supporting that assertion?

While I have no doubt that, in her traumatic past, Delores has experienced people stealing her food, from my perspective, her cooking skills seem to be limited to charring animal flesh, or boiling the water off beans, and that combination smells vomit-y to me. I began wondering awhile back if perhaps Compass Housing Alliance is rather hoping she will burn down your property so you can collect the insurance and be out from under your social service obligations? Even if I had no integrity, why would I want to go “shopping” in her fridge, as she accuses?

Anytime an individual’s assumptions are illogical, you can usually bet the surface conflict is just that, superficial, and will never be resolved until the underlying internal conflict, symptomatic of trauma, is recognized by the traumatized subject self, sometimes with the assistance of a compassionate therapist.

A frequent sight greeting me in an otherwise empty kitchen when I am disrupted from working toward my educational and professional goals by the acrid stench of burning from behind the closed door of my room, and I check to make sure your abusive client hasn’t set your property on fire:

kitchen burningAnd, yes, before your staff can beat her to the punch, Delores has already raged her false accusations at me that I turn the burner heat to high under her pans while she disappears for several hours at a stretch before returning to the kitchen to check on her food. How logical is it to assume that I would want to endure the stench of burning that frequently fills your house? Or losses suffered by a house fire?

From my perspective, because spring rolls require no stovetop prep once the rice is done, I had situated my preparations on the counter opposite from the stove, thoughtful of housemates who might come along and want to cook their own dinners.

With her history of spiking dish soap into a cup of my tea that I left steeping on the kitchen counter for a timed three minutes while I returned to work at my computer, an abuse I documented with your discriminatory staff, who follow one set of rules for Delores, and another set for everyone else in your house, I could not very well leave the kitchen in the midst of prepping spring rolls and trust that Delores would not drug my food. Nor could I easily gather up my open platter preparations for spring rolls and abruptly return to my bedroom until her rage dissipated.

Furthermore, why should I have to choose between going hungry or enduring Delores’s criminally abusive behavior?

On nights when I prep my dinner adjacent to the stove, Delores is just as likely to stomp into the kitchen and launch a foul-mouthed rampage for being in her narcissistic way there too.

On nights when I am in the kitchen first, she comes in and begins raging at me.

On nights when she happens to be in the kitchen when I am hungry for dinner, since last winter I have deliberately avoided the room until she is finished, even if it means delaying my appetite by several hours, unless I absolutely need to refill my water bottle to stay hydrated while patiently waiting for her to finish scorching her food.

If it accomplished nothing else, the May house meeting gave me an opportunity to hear more of the history of the long-running unresolved household conflicts far predating my participation in your program, and how they have been exacerbated as your revolving-door staff members, each in turn, reward Delores for her rampaging abuse.

Hilary and Jenn may not have liked hearing my judgment, in my first grievance filing, 28 December 2015, that she was playing them like a couple of banjos, but did they avoid hearing my opinion because they disagree with me, or because they do not like being played, and blamed the messenger instead of hearing my message? The first twang-twang happened when Hilary allowed Delores to take up two kitchen cupboards for her dishes to the rest of us limited to one, with poor Selam even more restricted to just half a cupboard, more discriminatory practice, rather than maintaining the boundary placed by the third bullet point sub-listed under your Building/House Rule Number 4:

• Tenants are not to store any belongings (including bicycles) in any common space, including halls, walkways, decks, stairways [minus Oxford comma] or porches.

Another twang-twang banjo strummed when one of them permitted Delores to park her car in the garage. Because she raged louder than the other housemate with a car.

Maybe her bicycle was “stolen,” or maybe the bike parked in the garage fit into the back seat of Delores’s vehicle while it was parked in the garage?

stolen bicycleMaybe her car was vandalized by another of your tenants, or maybe the same week that she raged unfounded accusations at me about damage to her vehicle, a neighbor down the street also described auto theft. He also attends the area’s community college, and I recall months back Linda mentioning that she has seen Delores on that campus-? Maybe my perspective will help police discover the source of auto vandalism occurring across the campus?

Or maybe Delores takes no better care of her vehicle than the care she provides for herself, and neglected to maintain a healthy level of fluids cycling through the engine-?

And for her own bad behavior, Delores calls out police services?

I repeat, in my trauma-educated observation, Delores frequently blames others for her own actions, as is typical of rampaging victim-abusers. Yes, even while she is in the midst of performing those actions.

Setting Delores’s abusive behaviors aside for a moment, accepting without question any one-sided, rampaging accusations as “truth” is irrational behavior on the part of your staff, demonstrating their lack of education or professionalism. Further, irrational thinking is a symptom of mental illness, as hammered home for me throughout my experiences listening while Idaho’s mental juridical health professionals, oblivious to their own irrational behavior, chided their patients for their allegedly “irrational” thoughts if we dared to describe our factual biographies. Because global historic reality is somewhat outside the intellectual grasp of Idaho’s mental juridical health professionals.

Before they cause further harm, do you think you could require your staff to seek treatment for their individual and collective mental illnesses?

The tragicomic secret behind Delores’s raging allegations of bicycle theft?

Neither Linda nor myself, who bore the biggest brunt of the bicycle-themed rampages, know how to ride a bike.

It is one of the ways my parents neglected my childhood. Yes, I realize I am an adult now, so I could learn how to ride a bike, I suppose. Silly me, prioritizing expert witness testimony on a triple homicide case and my law school goals ahead of bike-riding.

And passing up applying for little jobs like these that require bike-riding skills:

global expert in psychology of serial killers not qualified for bike-riding jobWhile I am in better shape in my forties than I was in my twenties, Linda has 10 years on me.

So if you can picture two middle-aged women, one still wearing a brace from her earlier leg surgery, walking Delores’s bike out of the suburb, then where do we go with it? Hop on the bus, me without the bus fare that your case management team is failing to provide without coercion and threats of eviction if I refuse to perform the unpaid labor of applying for jobs that do not pay enough to live on in the city in which I happen to live, or a gross misdemeanor according to RCW 9A.36.070? Unless I am mistaken, I have the legal right to abstain from applying for jobs that will only prolong and thus exacerbate my poverty and dependence on state – or privately administrated, state-contracted – funding, or indentured service. I have the legal right to apply my educated expertise to my job-seeking activities. Furthermore, your staff’s directives to abstain from recording Delores’s rampaging threats of bodily harm match the definition of a gross misdemeanor.

Furthermore, as I already communicated via email to you and Charlotte, now citing RCW 9A.40.100, your staff’s coercive behavior matches Washington’s definition for trafficking in the first degree, knowing as your staff have known since prior to my move-in, with reckless disregard for the personal safety of your clients subjected to Delores’s rampaging harassment and threats of bodily harm, her abusive behavior rewarded by your staff, combined with their coercive attempts to force me to apply for jobs that do not pay enough to live on, that would only guarantee for me a remaining lifetime of involuntary servitude. From my perspective, my job search decisions are nothing personal. It’s just math. I have encountered too much abuse in my lifetime to be able to afford the time, post-graduate school, to start all over again as if I am sixteen, uneducated, and applying for my first jobs. According to the Washington state legislature, trafficking in the first degree is a class A felony.

Furthermore, when Charlotte shook her redundant bundle of paperwork at me during our first and last case management meeting, refusing my recommendations to engage in 21st century technology if the communications between your outgoing and incoming case managers are too poor to begin from your client’s level of educated accomplishments, and she instead insisted that I must begin all over again as if I am a hamster trapped on your bright yellow treadmill of abusive communications, instead of an adult human being capable of tracking down applicable grant funding missed by your grant writers, and hypocritically whined her circular logic, “It’s for our grant funding,” she confirmed what I already know, that Compass Housing Alliance staff benefit financially from their coercive behavior attempting to force me into involuntary servitude, or trafficking in the second degree, another class A felony.

I am not a hamster.

I am an adult human being better educated and better qualified to do the jobs of anyone I have so far observed from your ever-shifting case, program, and clinical management team.

Furthermore, Washington’s landlord tenant law RCW 59.18.240 prohibits landlord reprisals or retaliation for following your grievance procedure or reporting your crimes or the crimes of your other tenants through your chain of command or to authorities, and the legislature was so thoughtful as to include 1) eviction, 2) reduction in services, or 3) increasing the obligations of the tenant in its description of behaviors typical of abusive, retaliatory landlords. Those behaviors match 1) your 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate Unit when I am already fully in compliance, vastly exceeding your expectations for homeless women; 2) your failure to provide Hilary’s verbally promised nominal transportation budget of “six bus passes per week” to allow me to set my own priorities accessing basic healthcare, education, and job-networking opportunities while Compass Housing Alliance continues to fail to advocate for homeless trafficking survivors with Metro for ORCA budgets for zero income residents; and 3) your redundant paperwork, as well as your case, program, and clinical managers’ failures to do the rest of their jobs so I’m stuck doing their jobs without their paychecks, adding to my burden their unreasonable, irrational changes in household chores or yard work.

“Every week?” I asked, so I could budget my time and access to resources.

“Every week,” Hilary affirmed six bus passes per week in November 2015. And she mostly kept her promise, unlike your ever-revolving door of her successors.

And of course the last twang-twang salvo that Hilary’s boss, as Jenn Pargas namelessly introduced herself to me the first time we met – communicating to me that hierarchy is more important to her than mutual respect – tossed over her shoulder as she sashayed on out the door to her next job was ordering the removal of the upstairs landline, as discussed above.

Next the “mystery” of Compass Housing Alliance’s missing Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

If a bicycle can fit into the backseat of Delores’s car, there must be ample room for a heavy kitchen appliance randomly added to her ever-changing inventory-?

I can’t speak for Hilary’s memory, of course, but from my perspective, the Restful Peace Cottage housemates accusing each other of theft long predates my arrival in your program. Delores and Angie both attended my screening interview, where both accused each other and/or their absent housemates of long unresolved theft issues, among other conflicts. While I appreciated their directness in sharing conflict – many passive aggressive interviewers will simply deny conflict, leaving you to learn about team conflicts only after you are committed to the situation – Hilary felt their behavior was so bad during that interview that she later apologized to me for them.

From my perspective, I have never seen your mythical Kitchen Aid mixer. When faced with similar differences in experience, Idaho’s mental health professionals would diagnose all of you with suffering hallucinatory delusions, commit the lot of you to a psychiatric facility, and pump you full of brain-damaging pharmaceuticals that might eventually leave you drooling in your soup or feeling suicidal or homicidal.

Far healthier than Idaho’s mental health professionals, I have listened to the perspectives of everyone in the house on this issue, as well as every other household conflict, as I explained to Charlotte. My ego is not so fragile that I cannot listen to perspectives outside my own.

Linda recalls seeing Christine,* your client who occupied my unit prior to my tenancy, using the Kitchen Aid mixer. But Linda also recalls seeing the mixer after Christine moved out, particularly relevant since Christine dutifully acquired trade school training to become a cook, and thus might value a Kitchen Aid mixer. Both Angie and Linda recall the mixer used to be stored in the garage, having run out of communal storage space in the kitchen. When I have made cookies using the house handheld mixer stored above the stove, Yenesulesh has stood beside me, watching in fascination, before she went out and invested some of her meagre paychecks in a handheld mixer of her own. Selam I have rarely seen, and when she does drop in, she almost never uses the kitchen. Not much of a cook, I gather.

After Angie wanted to use the Kitchen Aid mixer earlier in the spring and couldn’t find it, Delores quickly piggy-backed the mixer onto her other raging accusations of theft, as you can see from this image shot 18 April 2016:

kitchen aid snapchat confessionThis written accusation accompanied her verbal malicious harassment and threats to me that morning, “If you stole that yoga DVD, just return it to someplace neutral, so I can git it. Y’all can lie to Angie, but y’all can’t lie to me. ‘Cuz I don’t steal. If I don’t get that DVD back, I might just haffa do sumpin’… Y’all can call the cops. I might just haffa whoop your ass…”

Also note her reference to using Snapchat, where image-taking and recording became another issue inappropriately addressed by April and Charlotte at June’s meeting, with your criminal employees again violating state law, giving Delores their permission to continue her criminal malicious harassment and threats without compunction, as well as open confession of another of Delores’s violations of your Building/House Rule Number 4.

During the April-run May meeting, I learned that your case and program management staff did not cave on Delores’s rampaging pressure to park her car in the garage, where the Kitchen Aid mixer was stored, until after Christine moved out.

And that’s when your Kitchen Aid mixer disappeared.

From my perspective, corroborated by the experiences of four of my other housemates, your small kitchen appliance was gone before I moved in. While I have long admired the industrial design of Kitchen Aid’s stand mixers, particularly their charming color selections, in my trafficking experiences in Idaho, I had opportunity to finally use one, and learned that I much prefer a combination of hand mixer and a food processor, the first because it is easier to clean, and the second because it accomplishes more food prep tasks that I commonly perform, both small appliances included in my property stolen by one of my traffickers, crimes for which I am working on legal remedy, more criminal behavior that Charlotte seemed to delight in triumphing over a survivor of the abuses of the extended Bundy clan.

More urgently, because you and your staff really have no idea what items Delores removes from or brings into this house, you have no way of knowing whether or not she is now equipped with a firearm rather than merely a chef’s knife in her rampaging arsenal against your other tenants, though your ever-revolving door of staff has long held a preponderance of the evidence for her perpetual material violations of your lease and good cause for termination of tenancy, to remind you of the verbiage within your Crime Free Lease Addendum, Item 6.

Again, if your staff learned healthy listening skills, they could better and more cost-effectively resolve both your internal office and external conflicts.

If your case, program, and clinical management staff have not been able to assist Delores acquire healthier solutions for solving her problems than accusing others of her own bad behaviors in well over a year that she has “participated” in your “program,” then maybe you are long overdue for cleaning house?

Delores again accused me of stealing her yoga DVD during the May house meeting, when April missed another opportunity to help her learn better resolution for conflict other than accusing her housemates of “lies” when our perspectives disagree with her own, with Delores sharing her martyred self-judgment, “I’m being really gracious by not pushing back on a lie like that,” and rationalizing her foul-mouthed raging by blaming her behavior on her housemates, “’Cuz the lies are being thrown around.”

While I have no doubt that Delores’s childhood abuser(s) also blamed his or her victim(s) by insisting that young Delores’s perspective as the abused child was a “lie,” and there’s a fair likelihood that abuser successfully manipulated an earlier generation of social workers and/or police officers, contributing to her harm, imitating those skills is worse than useless in forming healthy adult relationships.

From my perspective, I have deliberately avoided the downstairs or your “house” computer since shortly after I arrived in November, when Delores came up behind me and began raging at me while I was in the midst of responding to an email from a Judicial Intern, Office of the Counselor, Supreme Court of the United States, as I described in my grievance to Hilary. Delores decided that disrupting a job application deadline was as good a time as any in her calendar to accuse me of stealing her personal possessions allegedly stored in the house common area under the stairs on the opposite side of the room from your computer desk.

As you can see from my house communications meta-dated 13 March 2016, after a friend was able to return my own desktop computer across two state lines so I could access more resources for brute survival, job-seeking, and pursuing my educational goals than my limitations between November 2015 and late February 2016 to accommodate your criminally abusive tenant, walking three roundtrip hours per day to max out the publicly accessible three-and-one-half combined daily computer hours available from Seattle Public and King County Libraries for the full-time job of job-seeking – where the so-called high-tech city of Seattle and its surrounding environs provide an abysmal lack of technology to its impoverished residents compared to a one-horse town in rural eastern Oregon, where I paused in fleeing Idaho trafficking experiences to schedule a telephone interview with a recruiter from Capital One bank – definitely not my dream job, to work for a bank – even if I were not simultaneously addressing, as per our Case Management Plan Addendum agreement, the issues that led to this period of homelessness, I was mindful that my housemates might want to watch your house DVDs stored in the upstairs common area, but I reasoned that the dusty, untouched collection of books and 20th century motion picture technology could be fashioned into a temporary floor desk for me without causing my housemates any harm:

desk vhs books

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard meta-dated 13 March 2016.

So that I could unpack my boxed journals from 2007, with my research and teaching notes relevant to comparing mass shooting events then to Moscow’s 2015 mass shooting, and offering healthier solutions to both internal and external conflict resolution.

In addition, I asked the housemates who were available at the time; both Angie and Linda saw no reason why anyone in the house might suddenly take up reading books published in the 1980s or earlier. I had already left a voicemail for John Clark, your then-Interim Case Manager, a call that remains unreturned from your case management team current as of this writing. Scuttlebutt from various housemates tells me he took off for Mexico without much notice to Compass Housing Alliance; does their truth come anywhere close to your truth?

If your case, program, and clinical management team could better perform their job functions without further harassment, coercion, and threats, so I could better whack my way through my stack of follow-up survival job applications from last year, I think Jeff Bezos might be impressed with my frugality. Maybe even begin to wonder if his engineers using doors for desks might be getting a bit soft, accustomed to needless luxuries:

desktop reproduction this bullet is an old oneParticularly after I follow up with his cloud services Design Manager, who admired the design of my business card that includes print collateral of my trauma recovery/healthy communications/conflict resolution model, Unplay, and posted a visual designer position after hearing my feedback that the Seattle-based global tech giant isn’t visually communicating the same ideas expressed in their written communications, that Amazon’s initial public relations response to The New York Times subsequent exposé alleging workplace abuses among even their elite engineering force followed the first 15 seconds of my promo vid for Unplay, when of course healthy communication follows the final 15 seconds:

unplay business cards

Unplay the Shame and Blame Game identity and business card print collateral.

On an encouraging note, while Mr. Bezos denied some of the perspectives published in the Times, he did indicate an interest in hearing those perspectives.

While your case and program management team made no effort to place healthy boundaries on Delores’s unfounded accusations of theft, April’s face alit with what I can only describe as an ah-ha! moment of triumph, as if she’d suddenly solved a crime with no evidence beyond Delores’s martyr narrative as I described my working conditions sitting on the floor in yoga position to pursue my educational and career goals while awaiting your staff’s November 2015 promised delivery of a desk, so to April’s mind, I just confessed to Delores’s accusations of stealing her yoga DVD, right?

Necessary assumption for April’s contorted logic: that Delores’s yoga DVD is the only yoga training available in Seattle.

Severely weakening April’s irrational decision-making:

• Even Idaho’s passive aggressive and physically unfit mental health professionals admired my daily workout practice, very similar to yoga in its emphases on flexibility and breathing.

• The men seven to 15 years my junior who chase me down Seattle’s streets, asking me to teach them my workout routine.

• The group of black homeless men at Cal Anderson Park in 2015 who readily recognized their drug addictions as self-medicating from early childhood abuse, and asked for my help for finding healthier alternatives, after admiring my workout routine.

• A new friend I met at Salvation Army’s women’s shelter last year, a legally blind Latina college graduate suffering epilepsy and the lifelong effects of familial abuse, who described my workout routine as the first she has ever enjoyed.

• The group of homeless men, predominantly black, some Latino, some white, who-knows-how-many multiracial, showering alongside me at Urban Rest Stop, who chorused, “Jana, are you leaving already?” Men I did not realize even knew my name.

• The parents of vice presidents and engineers at Amazon and Microsoft, visiting from India, who paused in their own early morning routines at South Lake Union dock to admire mine.

• The West Precinct patrol officers who responded to my 911 harassment call last summer.

• The anonymous homeless man who snapped an image of my body to add to his collection on his mobile phone.

• All the free drop-in yoga classes generously available throughout Seattle’s downtown churches.

• The yoga-practitioning young women earning their degrees in psychology from Antioch University, who share one-to-one yoga with me live, in the flesh, on Seattle’s beautiful waterfront, so why would I want to settle for a visual simulacra of yoga instruction?

• My time- and date-stamped Twitter feed:

• The senior yoga instructor I met in August at one of the neighborhood parks, who mistook my daily practice for yoga.

• The Little Leaguers young enough to be my grandsons who sexually harassed me during my workout adjacent to a neighborhood ball field, while their coaches provided them with no role models for healthy masculinity, placing no boundaries on their objectifying behavior. In 2016.

• Answering Hilary’s move-in question about my physical fitness, for one of your checkbox forms. At that time I was seriously concerned about my loss of body tone during the rainy winter season cycling through Seattle’s dysfunctional homeless shelter system, when I could no longer workout at my favorite area “gyms” with 360° wrap-around views, and was reduced to seeking drop-in yoga classes as a second-best option, and then working very hard to regain my normal level of fitness, to which she only listened halfway before dismissively responding, “Oh, okay, so maintaining.”


More of that redundant paperwork that Charlotte wanted me to check boxes for her, with the first version currently billowing around the Cascades along with my adopted eighth cousin, twice removed, Ted’s ashes?

Furthermore, as someone keenly aware of the deeply entwined relationship between physical and psychological well-being, is it in my best interest to deprive poor Delores of her Yoga for Beginners DVD?

Again, I encourage psychotherapeutic care for your employees in hopes that they may one day learn to make logical assumptions instead of acting or reacting irrationally.

Meanwhile, as you can see from this image meta-dated 23 March 2016, Delores regularly threatens to steal from her housemates:

cha theft threats

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard meta-dated 25 March 2016.

Further note Delores’s initial communications asking for her housemates to abandon our educational and employment goals while tracking down her alleged pan inventory before she tacked on her threat later as her rage brewed throughout the day.

In your own kitchen cupboards within the safety of your own homes, do you store a lot of plastic pots without handles?

And why? Because she can’t 1) store her dishes in her unit, 2) assume responsibility for putting away her own dishes like a grown-up girl, or 3) search through the pan cupboard for a pan like all the rest of us manage to do without threatening theft or bodily harm?

If theft is not okay with your staff, while they blatantly encourage more serious criminal behavior, and Jenn promised way back in January that any further infractions of your lease would result in eviction, then why is Delores still here in October?

9. According to my notes, Delores’s months-long, raging trauma monologue revolving around the superficial themes of compost, recycling, trash removal, yard space, and yard work was not actually discussed during the hour-long 12 May 2016 house meeting. April neglected to adjourn the meeting, but the rest of us returned to pursuing our educational and career goals once she and Delores began engaging in talking-over-the-top-of-each-other dialogue of the sort of tit-for-tat emotional maturity I expect of third-graders, not chronologically adult human beings.

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”

Next, to my further astonishment, despite the authority of her job title, and her earlier complimenting me for my calm demeanor and civil tone, April permitted Delores to get away with the crème de la passive aggressive crème nopology, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

The two of them proceeded downstairs, shouting at each other, and outside to the backyard for bonding over their shared smoking addiction that lasted so long they were still smoking and bonding long after I got out of the shower that I hadn’t had time to take between my daily workout and sun worship that doubles as treatment for hereditary psoriasis, and your staff’s mandatory meeting, surprised to see “At” still sitting on the ottoman in the common area, waiting for his boss to finish her smoke break.

Further confirming my perspective that the compost issue was not a topic discussed until April’s “executive session” with Delores, April’s meeting minutes replicate the martyr narrative that Delores first began raging at me in November 2015, or an example of what I meant in my 18 July 2016 email to both you and Charlotte about your staff taking dictation from a client so traumatized by her earlier life experiences that she is paranoid to the point of being delusional. With no mechanisms for recovery in evidence. And no case managers helping her find healthier solutions for her problems.

Because these interrelated, unnecessarily convoluted superficial conflicts were not addressed by your staff outside of executive session until the 16 June 2016 house meeting, I’ll return to unravel that snarl of passive aggressive communications and legal ramifications while analyzing Charlotte’s house meeting minutes below.

10. Much as Hilary promised in November 2015 to scrounge up a used desk for me from Compass Housing Alliance’s warehoused furniture or through your partnership with YWCA-managed Sharehouse, so April promised to finally accomplish that task in May 2016. Instead of jumping on the opportunity to acquire a roadside desk I had observed through my pedestrian transportation throughout the neighborhood, however, April prioritized her executive smoke session with Delores while “At” fiddled with his smartphone.

Imagine the look of consternation on April’s face at the June meeting, after she reported, long, martyred sigh later, that the combined efforts of your case management and program supervisory team had again failed to whack their way through their list of priorities the previous month. And so earnestly too. Only to be rejoined by an entire houseful of homeless women explaining that we are perfectly capable of finding no end of furniture well within my zero income budget available in the surrounding neighborhood.

Which we had already explained.

At the previous month’s meeting.

In June, even Delores chimed in to describe an office chair she had observed earlier that week.

No end of furniture. What I lack is transportation and, still, after nearly a decade of post-Great Recession job seeking, colleagues healthy enough to reciprocate my respect, align their priorities with our contract terms, manage their time, or accomplish their employment goals.

With still no effort from your case and program management team to accomplish their employment goals to assist me with mine, leading to my sharing with you my work experiences where I have successfully supervised the completion of entire buildings – while my former bosses vacationed in Morocco – in less time than it has taken me to give up on your staff’s abilities and acquire furniture that substitutes for a desk, on zero budget, including free delivery, which of course your team would already know if you respected your clients enough to return follow on Twitter:

Of course a dresser isn’t exactly a desk:

Not a long-term solution, by any means, an ergonomically unsound solution that may soon lead to a physical disability which may qualify me to purchase a ticket to win Seattle’s poverty housing lottery, what with my keyboard too high while sitting on one of your chairs borrowed from the dining area until I can stumble upon an office chair within walking distance or negotiate legal remedy for my Idaho losses, and too low while standing for long hours before a tilted computer screen, but it’s nice to be up off the floor.

Anticipating that your staff or Delores might again attempt to accuse me of stealing your house books or cherished collection of VHS tapes – hoping to head that accusation off at the pass – I have already returned them to the upstairs common area.

Another desk option I perused before making my final selection from the open-air marketplace:

desk for free

Desk available in Seattle’s open-air market. Price: $0.

It was the offer of free delivery that clinched the deal.

A sofa as if dropped from the heavens for whenever you decide to replace the sprung-out love seat at Restful Peace Cottage:

zero budget sofa

Sofa in Seattle’s open-air market. Price: $0.

An entire apartment’s worth of miscellaneous furniture, appliances, and even a cat carrier (!), granted not nearly as well designed or built as my own bespoke bird’s eye maple coffee table gifted to that state senior criminal prosecutor son of ex-FBI parents, err, “delusion,” according to Idaho’s elite mental juridical health team responsible for their 13-year failed experiment in antipsychotic drug testing who also stole my bespoke rolling flat files and is personally responsible for producing at least three generations of criminally abusive behavior, and failed again in their treatment of the mass shooter later responsible for taking the lives of three human beings and the critical injuries of a lawyer employed by Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights:

apartment furniture zero budget

Apartment furnishings available from Seattle’s open-air market. Price: $0.

To repair the Grandma Kitsch aesthetic of the damaged landscape painting in your dining room with visually educated painting, however, I need competent legal counsel and/or colleagues healthy enough to respect my educated expertise with a professional wage:

cha painting

Restful Peace Cottage dining area painting.

Healthy egos do not shatter when encountering perspectives different from their own:

cha painting detail

Restful Peace Cottage dining area painting, detail.

Healthy human beings do not abuse their positions of power over others.

11. While I appreciate your staff finally getting around to changing the door code, a better time to triage that priority on your things-to-do list, as with your kitchen inventory, is after one tenant moves out, and before the next tenant moves in.

The safety of all of your tenants is further endangered when the new door code is announced on a whiteboard accessible to your tenants’ visitors, maintenance subcontractors, and anyone else wandering into the house throughout the day or creeping down the halls at night, as demonstrated by this image taken 16 May 2016, after April posted her minutes of the May house meeting:

cha new door code

Restful Peace Cottage whiteboard, meta-dated 16 May 2016.

As you can see from this image taken 22 June 2016, even after the June house meeting, your May meeting minutes with the new “security” door code remained near our mail slots on the countertop in the common living area, still readily accessible to visitors, utterly disrespectful of the safety of your clients and the time and labor of your maintenance crew:

cha new door code safetyTime management recommendation from an expert: first find living accommodations more suitable for your client so severely traumatized by previous life experiences, minus healthy role models, that her criminal behavior mimics the behavior of her abusers, then change your door code paying closer attention to detail as illustrated above.

12. Thank you for your very prompt follow through replacing the house vacuum cleaner. Do you think it might be possible for your case, program, and clinical managers to learn to prioritize the health and safety of your clients and their service animals ever so slightly higher than a vacuum?

Further, your “expert” in the “refugee population” again neglected to communicate with Yenesulesh that Compass would replace the broken vacuum, so once again your impoverished Ethiopian American client forked out more of her hard-earned pennies to acquire a used vacuum cleaner from her employer, generously sharing with the house. Because your case management team’s limitations are evident even across languages and cultures, Yenesulesh once again turned to me for my help troubleshooting the used vacuum’s limited sucking abilities.

13. For the final twang-TWANG-twang polish to her May meeting minutes, your third banjo again amplifies another of Delores’s rampaging trauma monologues. In bold and all caps, just like Delores sounds.

Better communications design: instead of your staff rampaging their frustrations with the results of your fundraising efforts at your clients, provide that kitchen (better still: full house) inventory that Linda, unsure, asked of Compass Housing Alliance case and program management staff long before my arrival on your property; recruit and hire staff capable of maintaining the boundaries set by your own lease terms, policies, addenda, and law; and, once you have Delores better situated, screen out future potential clients too criminal or psychologically unstable to be ready for civil communal living. Enduring her criminal behavior is unfair for the rest of us, pace the opinion of the doctor very likely responsible for prescribing her brain-damaging pharmaceuticals, from whom she has learned, and I quote from one of her many telephone rampages, “I GONNA KNOCK HER GLASSES OFF HER FACE ALL THE WAY BACK TO ARIZONA. I GOT PTSD. I GONNA SLAP SOME SENSE INTO HER, AND THERE’S NOTHIN’ THEY CAN DO. THEY CAN’T TAKE ME TO JAIL. I GOTTA NOTE FROM MY DOCTOR…”

Maybe that doctor would be willing to provide Delores a roof overhead in her or his own home for awhile, until she better stabilizes under her current treatment?

preamble 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 remedy

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