Resetting Your Moral Compass

cha identity satire

Francesca Martin
Chief Program Officer
Compass Housing Alliance
77 S. Washington Street, 5th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104


CHA/Community Transitional Housing
1301 N. 200th Street
Shoreline, WA 98133

via email to:

Dear Ms. Martin:

In the spirit of transparency described within your transitional group housing grievance procedure, a transparency I hope to encourage in healthier governance and government and transparency with which I have devoted much of my post-graduate, post-Great Recession job search after being locked up for a month of my life without access to competent counsel or fair trial, or without what is called due process of law, when the employees earning taxpayer-funded paychecks within Idaho’s mental juridical health system abused their positions of power by describing both the very real, hard-working results of my professional job-seeking efforts in my first pass through Seattle from 2009–2012 and my personal biographical experiences as “delusions” while making no attempt to use 21st century technology to fact-check the global historic reality of my experiences relevant to their own field, instead relied only on the testimony of my abusive family, whose behavior matched the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) description for domestic trafficking, further affirmed by the Washington Attorney General’s efforts to build awareness among law enforcement and social service agencies of the relationship between trafficking and other forms of domestic violence crimes, where, sure enough, members of the extended Bundy clan denied child abuse, elder abuse, trafficking, rape, homicide, and even our common genealogy in their effort to force me to their will, I thank you for the opportunity to respond to your privately- and publicly-funded charitable nonprofit corporation’s 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate Unit at Restful Peace Cottage.*

Typical of communications from your ever-revolving door of case and program management staff, you may notice the “undersigned” declaration of service of your boilerplate is neither dated nor undersigned:

cha 10 day notice to comply 01 augLeaving me to wonder, was this issued by your staff, or more busy work invented by my abusive downstairs housemate reproducing your badly designed forms, detracting still further from my educational and professional goals?

In recent months, it is becoming more and more difficult for me to distinguish between your staff and my criminally abusive housemate, as their behavior is becoming more and more similar.

From my three years of pre-college experience in real estate and property management providing executive assistance to one of the developers responsible for the buildout of the south end of the Las Vegas Valley in the pre-Great Recession days when Vegas was a boomtown, as well as all of the professional outline formats I have seen throughout my college, graduate school, and post-graduate professional development experiences in fields ranging from the fine arts and design to the sociological and biological research sciences and more recently, law, typically, if you have a list that includes one (1) you must also have two (2) or more to follow the first in a list, rather than blazing right on past (1) to lowercase alphabetic bullet points and confusing your capitals with your numbers.

Adding my signature to my first Compass case manager’s signature on your lease agreement on page seven of a six-page document (!) dated 19 November 2015, however, I learned from the get-go to keep my expectations very low and remain grateful for your roof overhead, power, heat, intermittent wifi, indoor toilet, sporadic shower, running water, a shared kitchen for cooking my own food, a narrow single-size bed, and hollow-core door between me and the madding world, giving me an opportunity to shift my career goals from my experiences designing better solutions to problems in education policy or community development to looking for paid opportunities to apply my design and technology skills at the cross-disciplinary intersection between psychology and law, where my educated, experienced skills are most urgently needed:

cha lease

Compass Housing Alliance lease signatory page 7 of 6, dated 19 November 2015.

I further highlight your commitment to housing without discrimination for differences, among other categories, of religion, ancestry, political ideology, or use of service animal, all of which your staff members have abused in their day-to-day decision-making and struggles to help you work toward your stated goals.

After this preamble, the first section of my response follows the eccentric alphanumeric system of your staff’s 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate Unit; the second analyzes your staff’s May House Meeting minutes; third, communications analysis of your staff’s June House Meeting minutes; fourth, a sidebar providing design analysis of Seattle’s recycling/composting/landfill law as it relates to criminal violence on your property; fifth, returns to the remaining June minutes; sixth, my response to your second retaliatory 10-Day Notice to Comply or Vacate Unit in just 22 days; seventh, communications analysis of your staff’s inappropriate response to my first written grievance describing criminal behaviors; eighth, my meeting schedule that conflicted with your staff’s last-minute scheduling of their July House Meeting; ninth, the timeline of your staff’s intentional violations of Layla’s Law; all replete with examples of the ways in which Compass Housing Alliance staff, as evidenced by their own emails, house meeting notes, and client/tenant communications, have individually and collectively failed to uphold your own policies and lease terms, in the process violating numerous Seattle municipal and Washington state laws cited herein; the tenth suggests urgent remedy:


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