JOINing forces

Marc Jolin, Executive Director
Will Harris, Interim Executive Director
Sydney Linden, Development Manager
1435 NE 81st Avenue, Suite 100
Portland, OR, 97213

via email to:

Dear Mr. Jolin, Mr. Harris, Ms. Linden, and the JOIN team:

Thank you for considering me for your available position as Development Associate with hopefully room for rapid advancement?

Completing my graduate research on critical theories of identity, trauma, and the taboo simultaneous to the start of the Great Recession, my experience working on issues related to poverty and homelessness combine the personal with the critical thinking abilities to recognize the sociopolitical and systemic causes of the problem, more correctly identifying the problem of “poverty” as our cultural problem of narcissistic aggression. Simultaneous to subsisting in cheap motels until my plastic ran out four years deep into our jobless economic recovery, consultants to Bill Gates requested my behind-the-scenes creative thinking and problem-solving abilities applied to that problem of “poverty.” But only if I was willing to volunteer those creative thinking skills to the richest man in the world. Further attempts at job networking that intersect with the problem of “poverty” include volunteering at the 2012 AIGA Design for Good summit co-sponosored by Pepsico, ostensibly seeking design solutions for the correlative “problems” of poverty and obesity, which of course is simply the physical manifestation of our cultural lack of nurturing combined with heavily marketed foods poor in nutrition and time stressors exacerbated by 21st century technology.

Your job description (with salary commensurate) needs to include education in design or visual literacy, rather than simply requiring technical knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Suite. Just as you would not hire a lawyer simply for her knowledge of WordPerfect or Word, so too in the field of design. Using visual communications software without education in visual communications inevitably results in poor communications that neither correctly identify your target market nor how best to communicate with that audience, leading to exacerbating the problems you intend to solve.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply my skills toward your goals as well as benefit from the wisdom of your combined years of experience in a field still relatively new to me.

Fleeing family and state abuses from Idaho back to Oregon already feels comparable to crossing the Alps from Germany to Switzerland half a century ago, although, strangely, Oregon’s SNAP application process, user interface and meatspace alike, are even worse designed than Idaho’s, no doubt a result of legislation written by folks who have no experience of poverty, combined with information technology support with no visual communication designers on the state’s team. While they turned on a dime to supply one night of motel lodging, the local domestic violence shelter is home to now the third director in a similar position to turn away a survivor of domestic violence who may well have solved a cold case homicide left unresolved due to passive aggressive communications between law and order in at least five states and one if not two or three federal agencies. Yet, due to my socioeconomic status, or maybe it is my level of education in the field, I do not qualify for their transitional housing. Despite their written mission statement claiming to be working to end familial abuse, I see no visual evidence of teaching healthy communication skills:

With all of the public and private programmatic funding available, and still no overnight shelters in rural eastern Oregon, I am headed your way. No one should have to trade rape for rent. Thank you in advance for the indoor warmth out of inclement weather, shower, and fast-track consideration for joining your team.


Jana Brubaker

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