Guinevere to Sir Lancelot

Dale E. Fordsman
Creative Services & Operations
Creative Soldier
60 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231 United States

Dear Mr. Fordsman and your band of Creative Soldiers:

Your available position of Senior Graphic Designer and agency attracted my attention via LinkedIn’s job-seeking emails. Not a huge fan of their interface, I have decided my cover letter writing skills are better shared with a wider audience. I invite you to play my new commitment to transparency in recruiting talent. Would you consider adding a Guinevere to your troops?

guinevere splash pageIn my experience, she moves faster and more nimbly than the king, who only shifts one square at a time, and knights can only move in a somewhat awkward L-shaped direction.

As you can see from my static portfolio and motion graphic work, to your team I bring outstanding design ideas across a wealth of media ranging from fine press to web development without necessarily waiting around for a creative brief to direct my problem-solving skills, meeting or exceeding your bullet-point list of qualifications for the position.

What we share in common are my work experiences in high-end real estate development and luxury retail product. After six years of post-graduate school job applications coincident with the start of the Great Recession, I am still seeking a team healthy enough to reciprocate my respect. Maybe what you can teach me is how you managed to land a client list like yours with nothing more than a splash page with telephone contact image that does not permit copy and paste into office software?

A salary of $60K sounds like a lot from the backwoods of Idaho, but is that adequate for comfortable living in Brooklyn, or are you willing to negotiate? Thank you for considering mentoring me for a shot at the American Dream.

Check. Your turn.


Jana Brubaker

P.S. Cushman & Wakefield’s logo needs to be updated to link to their site instead of repeating the link to Trump.

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