Have Tights, Will Bring Cape

Steven R. Shapiro
Legal Director
125 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004

via email to hrjobsJusticeDir@aclu.org

re: CJ-01/ACLU-SA

Dear Mr. Shapiro:

Thank you for your review of my open letter to Michael McConnell, thoroughly narrating my qualifications and experiences to rise to the challenges as your new Director of the Center for Justice.

I learned of this career opportunity on your website after not hearing so much as a confirmation from your Idaho affiliate, and looking for who to contact next. Not sure if the delay in communications is due to staff overburdened by their workload or technology. The regional legal caseload looks to be relatively powderpuff compared to my recent violation of my civil liberties, with implications nationwide throughout our systems of education, social services, and criminal justice.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide healthy communication from the position of substantive leadership to foster close collaboration among your various teams, establish priorities, and design strategic communications, drawing upon my experiences creating and administering budgets, analytic and writing skills, past experiences speaking publicly and persuasively, and my broad and deep range of communication alternatives to litigation to help you build a more civil and just society.


Jana Brubaker

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