Psychiatrist #1

Part 3 in multipartite post, The ‘Madwoman’ v. the Madness of the State.

From my earlier healthy experiences with a caring, astute therapist who provided me with useful tools in my journey to recovery from childhood shaming and neglect and young adult traumas that include rape and what I would now describe – from my educated perspective – as three years of marital rape by a sadist, in addition to my own college and graduate studies in the field of human psychology, I initially felt relieved to finally meet with the psychiatrist to whom I was assigned, Dr. Kafia Abbasi; here was an educated professional who would respect my educated expertise, yes?

Instead, Dr. Abbasi failed to follow what Dr. Herman describes as the first responsibility in any doctor/patient relationship, establishing safety, particularly when the patient is undergoing the traumatic experience of being abused by first her family, then the state. Throughout our initial and follow up consultations, her eyes registered an expression of haughty condescension as I again described my graduate research in trauma and recovery, biographical facts of my life that include multigenerational familial abuse, my post-Great Recession professional networking attempts to acquire paid employment, and current living conditions.

Even with my speech slowed once there was no rush to complete job applications, deprived as I was of access to both our physical and virtual worlds, Dr. Abbasi never questioned Ms. Dalrymple’s evaluation, and refused to fact-check my narrative. She scribbled brief notes on an ever-changing variety of notepads laden with notations from her meetings with other patients at numerous institutions that include Saint Alphonsus and the VA hospital, but asked very few follow up questions about my background. Dr. Abbasi neglected to verify my physical or mental wellness history with medical professionals, instead relying on the lack of investigation from the local police and my family’s abusive and conflicted perspectives, educated but in fields far removed from design or psychology.

On her LinkedIn profile, Dr. Abbasi presents her professional image through a warped lens and turned sideways, screen shot cropped to better scale to this publishing platform, but not otherwise edited with my professional imaging tools:

abbasi linkedin

Here, she confirms the degree she told me she received from the University of Washington, but an alternate listing at U.S. News and World Report describes her as a graduate of Fatima Jinnah Medical College For Women, in Lahore, Pakistan:

abbasi usnews

Feedback from previous patients, with preferences either for or against meds, indicate her same struggles with listening to her patients that I also experienced:



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