Creative Accounting

Inspired by the bankers at my college alma mater, now using LinkedIn to advertise their workshop offerings in design thinking and drawing…oh, wait, that banker just possesses poor grammar skills.

A Symposia

5:00 pm – 12:00 am

31 March – 01 April 2012

“Buy Art, Not War”

Salt Lake City, Utah

Accommodations the Peery Hotel

Beverages courtesy Squatters Pub and Brewery

Cake provided by homeless waifs

Seminar Schedule (tentative)

Under the Umbrella:
Graphic Design and Copy Writing at Citi After Paula Scher
Or, I Was Born to Carry Way More Than This Card

Living in the Shadow of Quite Possibly the Ugliest Branch of Banque du Amerika:
How Bankers Went Stark, Raving Mad
Not Out of Greed But From the Mean Aesthetics of Their Daily Existence

Bull Your Elevator Buttons:
Graphic Design, Meryl Lynchers, and Reading Numbers or the Writing on the Wall

From Out of the Asylum:
Vincent Van Gogh’s Bastard Great-Great-Grandchildren Vomit in Them-Not-US-Bank

Graphic Design After Bruce Mau:
Exploring Seattle’s Central Library, Investment Brokerages, and Financial Institutions
(An Interactive Multimedia Presentation for Bibliophiles)
(end users may attend, space permitting)

From WAAAH-MOO to JPChase the Slaves:
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Cold, Hard Cash

Typography and Your Neighborhood Alias Edward and Jones Advisor:
Bring Your Portfolio! Free Review!

Reception to Follow

(speakers TBA)

attendance exclusive to the first dozen registrants

conference fee: $1,000
cash or advance cheque accepted

We’re still tidying up the schedule, so there is plenty of time to add your own seminar suggestions in keeping with this year’s conference theme of “Buy Art, Not War.”

add marginalia

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