Save our schools march on Washington

we don't need no corp foundation


we don't need no thought control


Copywriting, strategy, and picket sign design in support of my friends marching, flying, or biking (!) to Washington for next month’s rally. Well, okay, I am actually borrowing the copy from Roger Waters. I can do that. It’s parody.

And now you have an anthem.

If you listen closely to the lyrics, you may notice that the “dark sarcasm in the classroom” sounds a lot like the education legislation offered by the puppet government immediate past and current administrations, backed by greedy corporations who have been working for at least one generation to churn out obedient rather than critically thinking product, a rhetoric repeated by naive workers employed by corporate edu-factories like the ironically named Teach for America.

Designed to fit a one-quarter sheet of foamcore readily available through art or office supply stores in your neighborhood, these posters are free to anyone supporting the march.

In return, please send to jana [at] 6other [dot] com copyright-free 1-6 of your best-composed images from your experiences at the rally. By best-composed I mean evaluated according to the visual elements of line, value, shape, and color, and thoughtfully organized following the principles of design.

Bonus points for anyone who sends me an audio file of the anthem being sung using the replacement lyrics.

In the body of your email, please include a brief essay (max. 300 words as a loose guideline) completing one of the following:

I teach because…

My child’s teacher helped with…

Thanks to my teacher I learned to…

Your efforts will support the next phase of my design research supporting public education in America.

Posters are available as print-quality PDFs to be dry-mounted onto foamcore, or simply make your own. I recommend black sans-serif type against a ground of pale-pink bricks, as large as you can fit on your sign. The bricks can easily be painted with the broad side of a sponge, typography added with stencils or hand-lettered for vernacular appeal. Have fun with the paint splatters, but be sure to keep your text clear and legible from a distance.

Picket sign construction advice as well as (bonus!) design criticism available from this experienced protestor.

Be safe.

Be peaceful.

Carry on.

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