STEMs need blooms

stems need blooms

Receive a free print-quality PDF poster version of the motion graphic, STEMs Need Blooms, to show your support for blooms in your classroom, library, or community center.

Write a brief essay (max. 300 words as a loose guideline) completing one of the following:

  •     I teach because…
  •     My child’s teacher helped with…
  •     Thanks to my teacher I learned to…

Send your essay included in the body of your email rather than as a separate attachment to jana [at] 6other [dot] com.

The print-quality PDF is a file just under 6.5 MB, so be sure to email from an account able to receive relatively large attachments. The trimmed poster measures 17×8.5 inches, so best results will require access to an 11×17 color printer.

Your efforts will support the next phase of my design research on education, which will, in turn, support more blooms.

To omit edupreneurs and spammers, only well-written essays will receive a poster.

3 thoughts on “STEMs need blooms

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    1. journal6other Post author

      Thank you for your compliment.

      Gorgeous is beside the point. The point is it visually communicates the solution to the problem in American education.


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