Introducing 2011. Feeling a bit like an automobile manufacturer, rolling out this build midway through 2010.

Quite excited about passing through this technological threshold, as the site is just one page, and all of my data – meaning portfolio images, descriptions, and thumbnails – are entirely XML-fed, separated from the HTML structure which of course is itself separate from the CSS form. Which means…

I surrender to the grid…

I worship at the altar of all these ones and zeroes…

I am nothing more than the sum of my data…

No more rebellion: synthesis, to paraphrase Paul Rand, between technology and design.

Plus! Bonus for my visitors! A little lesson in life…drawing, that is. Never thought I would be one to play with Flash; as a painter, I am not much of a motion person, but once I started to think of that motion occurring over time – the time of making, the time of looking, the time of correcting through recognition – rather than across a linear, or cinematic, narrative, then I began to get interested. We are a decade into the twenty-first century, after all.

And I might be able to wrap my head around cinematic motion if I begin to think of it as book…

Further on down the road…


Okay, now I am going to go scrub my bathroom with a whole other can of AJAX…

Then of course I need to dust off the CSS for the blog. (Cough.) I mean my online journal. Ceci n’est pas un blog!

Then I will dive into HTML5.

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