MAKE-ing up for lost time

Of course one cannot make up for lost time, as time, which is neither a person nor a commodity, cannot be “lost.”

So I missed the opening party, but encourage all of my readers to meander on over to your locally owned, independently operated bookstore and pick up a copy of MAKE while the Spring/Summer issue remains currently available on a newsstand near you, before summer slides into autumn, and autumn loses itself to winter.

I am tickled pink that the hardworking, dedicated, and volunteer staff inadvertently altered the title of my short story and misspelled my last name in the table of contents; perhaps I will take up the pseudonym for writing in genre, should I take up genre writing. I am thinking perhaps erotica, but perhaps true crime. Sex, death, what else is there? Stories.

All that occurs in that space and time between birth and that other event that we do not like to mention.

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